Passenger Fined $41K on Charges of Drunken Sexual Assault

  • The FAA has announced an additional $161,823 in civil sanctions against unruly passenger.
  • A passenger was charged with illegal drinking and sexual assaulting a flight attendant. The fine was $40,823.
  • In 2021, the FAA received reports of nearly 300 alcohol-related incidents.
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    According to the FAA, last April, while a Southwest Airlines flight was high over California on its way to San Diego, one passenger demanded that alcohol be consumed.

    The agency claims that the passenger then sexually assaulted the flight attendant, before entering the lavatory to smoke marijuana. According to the FAA, the passenger refused to leave the plane once it reached the gate. Police arrested him on a charge of public intoxication.

    Today, the FAA announced that the passenger is facing a $40,823 fine — one of eight drunk and disorderly passenger fines in the latest round-up from the agency for a combined total of $161,823.

    Federal regulations prohibit the consumption of alcohol on a plane without a flight attendant. It also makes it a federal crime to interfere in flight crew operations. After being notified by the FAA, passengers have 30 days to reply.

    A Delta passenger, a man, was intoxicated when crew saw him and he said that he had been drinking at Fort Meyers before the flight to Detroit. The FAA has issued a $24,000 fine. According to the agency, he refused to wear masks and menaced a female crew member. He was then confined to the last row, where another crew member protected him until the flight to Atlanta was diverted.

    “This is America. This is free speech. What don’t you understand?”According to the FAA, he shouted.

    The FAA stated that a JetBlue passenger from New York to Ecuador refused to wear a mask, and peed on the toilet floor after consuming alcohol onboard. The flight was diverted to Fort Lauderdale in order to remove the man who now faces a $17,000 penalty.

    The FAA stated that a Delta flight attendant approached the woman to tell her she couldn’t drink the mini-bottles brought on board. The attendant told the woman to stop and she started filming her with her phone. The flight from San Francisco to Atlanta was diverted to Las Vegas where the woman was taken off. She now faces a $16,000 fine.

    More than 5,000 passenger incidents were reported to FAA in 2021. Nearly 300 were related with alcohol and intoxication. More than 100 incidents this past year were related to physical assault. In 2021, the total penalties are $1.3 million.

    Although the FAA can only issue civil penalties, the agency has previously stated that it has referred 37 of those cases. “most egregious”For criminal prosecution and possible imprisonment, please refer cases to the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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