Oregon’s Top Rated Dispensary is Just Minutes from Boise

Idahoans don’t know much about marijuana sales.

Or are they?

We start to wonder who is buying so much marijuana in Ontario, Oregon, as more dispensaries are opening up. Ask any business owner, and they will all tell ye the same thing: A lot Idahoans.

A recent study has shown that there are more than 660 marijuana dispensaries throughout the entire state. However, in Ontario, the business is booming in terms “per capita”For the past year, sales of $100 million were recorded. That’s quite amazing.

A dispensary in Ontario was recently named TOP in Oregon. Who was it exactly? Before the big reveal, here are a few options: 

You can find dispensaries in Oregon and Ontario

Oregon has legalized marijuana since a while. Despite the fact that dispensaries are still popping up all over the state, “joke”Or “reality”Whatever you want to embrace, it is a sign that Ontario seems to be serving a lot Idahoans.

These are just a few of the legal places where you can legally buy marijuana in Ontario.

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Alight, but which of these is the BEST in Oregon, really? 

Leafly, which is a website focusing on marijuana education and usage, has released the rankings. The platform claims that there are more than 120 million users who visit the site each year, including 10,000,000 monthly users.

Leafly is, in other words, a big deal.

Leafly recently published an article about this topic.The ratings of dispensaries in Oregon are what made them the best. There were twenty total. Only TWO locations could be found in Eastern Oregon other than the one listed. “Portland bubble”.

Only ONE location was awarded a 5 star rating, making them the BEST of Oregon.

The results are in! Treasure Valley Cannabis Company– Oregon’s best!

Leafly reports that TVCC has a 5-star rating, based on nearly 2,000 reviews. This is an impressive average batting.

What could Idaho do if it had $100 million in marijuana sales? Here are some ideas 

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Is CBD something we should use and trust?

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