Olive Garden’s bringing back the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl

Guess what’s baaack?!

Olive Garden announced, on September 29, that it would bring back the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl. This was the first time the deal had been renewed since 2019. We thank the pasta gods for this!

The announcement was made on the Italian restaurant’s new TikTok account that was just created on Monday, Sept. 26. Starting that day, the brand’s first few clips, released one by one over the week, hinted that an announcement was coming in a saucily mysterious fashion.

“Something is coming,” reads Olive Garden’s very first TikTok, which shows four different combination bowls of pasta, sauce and meat.

Another cryptic video was posted to the Olive Garden account. It used a series of images to provide the clues “OG Green, Clue, Everywhere, October, Three, Infiniti, Pasta.”It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what that could mean. The following TikTok videos are of a Cat in a pasta bibA person at a table and Snapping their fingersThe official announcement arrived slowly, accompanied by seemingly endless pasta options.

“At our table, anything is possible,”The announcement TikTok reads. “Never-Ending Pasta Bowl is back! Starting October 3.”

This tasty news comes after reports that now CEO Ricardo Cardenas of Olive Garden’s parent company Darden Restaurants suggested that the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl might never return to the menu in an earnings call in Dec. 2021. This decision appears to have been reversed for America’s pasta-hungry people.

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We reached out to Olive Garden for more information on the pasta bowl, how long it’s going to be available and its cost in 2022, as in previous years The promotion price was $10.99.

“Never Ending Pasta Bowl is a fan-favorite promotion that our guests were eager to see back on the menu, and we’re excited to offer it to them again after two years,”Jaime Bunker is the senior vice president of marketing at Olive Garden to TODAY food.

“This is the 25th anniversary of Never Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden, and it remains one of the most popular offers in our company’s history because it reflects exactly what our loyal guests expect when they dine with us: abundant, craveable Italian food at an everyday value,”She said. “After so much anticipation, we look forward to celebrating Never Ending Pasta Bowl’s return with our fans on October 3rd.”

Olive Garden also stated that the starting price for the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl is now $13.99 and that each never-ending topping — meatballs, Italian sausage or crispy chicken — can be added for $4.99. This deal is only available for a short time and will end on November 20th.

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