Odell Beckham Jr. crashes Sean McVay’s wedding much to the delight of the Los Angeles Rams coach

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  • Even though you know it’s an exclusive list, just because your coach won his first Super Bowl title doesn’t guarantee you an invitation. Odell Beckham Jr. received a formal invitation to Sean McVay’s marriage, but that was just a technicality.

    On Monday, the Los Angeles Rams’ head coach joined the “I AM ATHLETE” podcastHere’s a glimpse into the weekend at his wedding celebration. He had an unexpected guest in the form a wide receiver star.

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    “So probably the most stressful thing about this wedding was figuring out, all right, how do you get the guest list right where you don’t have any sort of interruptions or, you know, anybody having their feelings hurt unnecessarily because you got good relationships with guys,”McVay said. “So I just invited the captains from last year’s team and then there was a couple other guys that are retired players that you still have great relationships with.”

    OBJ did not fall into either category, but McVay smiled to explain that it didn’t stop him.

    Sean McVay’s wedding was really ruined by OBJ😂

    (via @IAMATHLETEpod) pic.twitter.com/OKcyBFJRnN

    — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) June 7, 2022

    “I love Odell and so only in Odell’s fashion could he be the wedding crasher at our wedding,” shared McVay. “So O showed up, crashed the wedding and I loved it.”

    The coach added he told the free agent receiver, “You crashed my wedding, you re-sign with the Rams then, man.”

    As for the status of OBJ’s recovery from the torn ACL he suffered in the Super Bowl? All signs point in a positive direction as the WR was tearing up the dance floor.

    “One of our team doctors was there … he did Odell’s surgery, and Odell was looking smooth on the dance floor and he said, ‘Odell, take it easy man. Let’s slow down,'” said McVay.

    If the Rams were to re-sign Beckham Jr., it wouldn’t be the first big get for the team with ties to McVay’s nuptials.

    When asked about getting Aaron Donald’s contract done on Monday — the defensive tackle landed a $40 million raise over the last three years of his existing contract that will make him the highest-paid non-quarterback in the NFL — McVay remarked, “We had a feeling it was trending in the right direction when he was at my wedding on Saturday night.”

    Nothing like a wedding to bring people together.

    Sarah Barshop’s reporting contributed to this story.

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