Northampton’s newest cannabis dispensary, Embr, officially opens

Published at 5:00 PM on 5/27/2022

Modified: 5/27/2022 at 4:58.09 PM

NORTHAMPTON — A mayoral ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday morning officially launched Embr, the newest cannabis dispensary in the city and a sister store of the Fyre Ants shop in Easthampton.

Kot Kasom and Leakhenakasom manage the dispensaries. Embr’s grand opening came about six weeks after its soft launch on April 16, which had been timed to coincide with the three-day Carniroll music festival at the Three County Fairgrounds.

Embr, located at 144 King St. is open every day from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. The store is approximately four miles from Fyre Ants. Staff may also work at both locations.

“We want to sell quality for affordable prices. … With us having our price point where it’s more accessible to people, it’s helping people,” Leakhena Kasom said after Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra’s ribbon-cutting at Embr. “Instead of going to the streets or not being able to afford it, or spending their whole, entire paycheck.”

Sciarra spent some time talking to customers and thanked Northampton’s Kasoms for opening a business. A food truck was parked outside from 3-6 p.m., drawing in customers who wanted to try Chicken Man’s Chicken Shack.

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Kot Kasom and Embr staff were dressed in Phat Panda Tshirts and Lanyards to promote Embr dispensaries and one of the most respected cannabis brands on West Coast. Inside, the business’ eastern wall features a Phat Panda logo and the name of the brand in lights.

“They’re in about 560 stores. That kind of shows you that that product is top-shelf, and that’s what we’re bringing here: top-shelf cannabis,” Kot Kasom said.

Although Phat Panda cannabis products are not yet available at Embr — the company is building a cultivation and manufacturing facility in Fitchburg that is expected to open next year — the brand’s apparel and accessories are on sale now.

“We work with all vendors”There are many other brands available, which can be purchased at “some of the best”Kot Kasom stated that there are high prices in the region.

The mural on the northern wall shows Northampton City Hall as well as the First Churches of Northampton.

“There was a lot of work and effort involved in this, and just going through that process that everybody has to go through”Kot Kasom stated that in order to open a Massachusetts retail cannabis store, Kot Kasom had to go through 18 months of bureaucratic approvals at both the state and local levels. “It’s been a road. … Getting the right vendors in here, getting the right partners to work with us, and then successfully launching at the right time.”

During rapper Waka Flocka’s performance at Carniroll, he sat on the custom-made throne of giant joints that Fyre Ants commissioned from Easthampton artist Joseph Pesce.

“It was there. It became part of the Carniroll experience,” Kot Kasom said. “It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art. You won’t see anything else like it.”Customers must visit Fyre Ants to view the throne. However they can find many of the same bargains, sales prices, and other information at both locations, depending upon product availability.

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