North advances joint US-South Korean military exercise, ballistic missile test

Points to be proud of

The missile test was conducted as the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrived.
The South Korean military did no immediate release any further details about the missile.
North Korea has increased its missile testing activities at a record speed in 2022.

Seoul.North Korea fired a ballistic missile with a short range into its eastern seas Sunday. Its missile test has raised tensions in the region as a US aircraft carrier heads to South Korea for joint military exercises in response to North Korea’s growing nuclear threat. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile, launched from Taekwon city in western North Korea, passed through the country before falling into the sea off the east coast of North Korea. The missile was not immediately released by the South Korean military.

According to the AP news agency it wasn’t even stated what type of missile it was nor how far it had flown. In 2022, North Korea intensified its missile testing activities at an unprecedented rate. It has tested more than 30 missiles and the first intercontinental ballistic weapon since 2017. Despite a long-standing stalemate with nuclear diplomacy, North Korea continues to expand its military capabilities.

This missile test was performed at the time of USS Ronald Reagan’s arrival. Who arrived to join a joint military exercise in South Korea. Whose goal it is to demonstrate its strength in the face North Korea’s growing threats. Fumio Kishida the Japanese Prime Minister stated that Tokyo was working diligently in order to gather information about North Korean missiles as well as to verify the safety and security of planes, ships and aircrafts. However, there was no immediate damage.

North Korea launches a missile for the second consecutive time in 7 days. These countries are currently under tension

After attending the Tokyo funeral of Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minister, Kamala Harris, the US Vice President will travel to South Korea next Wednesday. The ever-increasing threat from North Korea’s nuclear weapons should also be on the agenda.

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