NFL tickets 2022: Breaking down the hottest games & cheapest prices on sale for football season

While the NFL schedule release isn’t the most exciting on the league’s offseason calendar calendar, it serves a vital purpose for fans. It allows them to plan which NFL games to attend during the season.

When the schedule is announced, NFL fans are most likely to circle the matchups they are most excited to see in the coming season. There are many marquee matchups this year, which will continue in the 2022 campaign.

Cowboys vs. Buccaneers; Chiefs against the Bills; Seahawks against the Broncos; there is plenty of high-end matchups where NFL fans will want their support. But how much more expensive will these top-tier games be? Even bargain hunters can find it difficult to keep up with the high prices.

Which of the 256 games in this year’s NFL season are the most costly and which are cheapest? The Sporting News breaks down which NFL games are the most expensive and most affordable using the price from

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Hottest NFL tickets for the 2022 season

The average ticket price for the NFL season is $800. There are currently 17 games. The Packers vs. Giants match is the most expensive at $2,136 per ticket. This contest will be played at the Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium in London.

The Seahawks vs. The Buccaneers game will also have an average ticket price of more than $1,000. The game is the first ever to be played in Germany by the NFL. Munich residents will enjoy the chance to take part.

Russell Wilson’s return from Seattle will be another expensive game. It will be the most expensive American game this year. The Broncos will be participating in two of the games with ticket prices above $1,000, while the Buccaneers will make four appearances in such games.

Below is a list of the most expensive NFL games in 2022, as ranked by TicketSmarter. This includes the high or low price to enter the stadium.

Average price
High price
Low price
Packers vs. Giants
Oct. 9
Broncos at Seahawks
Sept. 12
Broncos at Raiders
Oct. 2
Buccaneers Packers
Sept. 25
49ers at Raiders
Jan. 1
Chiefs at Buccaneers
Oct. 2
Seahawks vs. Buccaneers
Nov. 13
Cowboys at Buccaneers
Sept. 11
Cowboys at Packers
Nov. 13
Ravens at Patriots
Sept. 25
Rams and Bills
Sept. 8
Patriots at Packers
Oct. 2
49ers at Broncos
Sept. 25
Patriots at Bears
Oct. 24
Patriots at Lions
Oct. 9
Chiefs Bills
Oct. 16
Patriots at Colts
Nov. 6


Cheapest NFL tickets available for the 2022 season

You are in luck if your goal is to find a cheap way of getting to an NFL game. There are approximately a dozen and a quarter games where it shouldn’t be difficult to get tickets at a good price.

There are 19 NFL games with an average ticket price less than $220. 10 of these games have a $200 price tag or lower. It is not surprising that many of the teams in the NFL are coming off poor seasons or are expected to have tough 2022 campaigns.

The Texans, Jaguars (Texans), Falcons (Panthers), Falcons (Falcons), Jaguars (Texans) are frequently on the top 10 list of teams with the lowest average cost. Both the Jaguars, Texans and Colts offer tickets starting at $32; the Colts are offering tickets for as low as $32 for their game against Jaguars.

The Seahawks will travel to Detroit on October 2 to face the Lions, making it the cheapest overall game. The average ticket price for this contest is $158, while the highest priced ticket for the game costs only $804. Only two other games on the schedule — Panthers at Ravens and Dolphins at Lions — have maximum ticket prices in the $800 range.

Below is a list highlighting the least expensive games in the 2022 NFL season. This includes the high- and low-cost tickets to the stadium. TicketSmarter.

Average price
High price
Low price
Seahawks at Lions
Oct. 2
Panthers at Falcons
Oct. 30
Lions at Panthers
Dec. 24
Ravens at Panthers
Nov. 20
Jaguars at Colts
Oct. 16
Bengals at Jets
Sept. 25
Texans at Dolphins
Nov. 27
Commanders at Lions
Sept. 18
Bengals take on the Falcons
Oct. 23
Jaguars at Texans
Oct. 9
Titans at Texans
Oct. 30
Colts at Texans
Sept. 11
Chargers at Texans
Oct. 2
Browns at Falcons
Oct. 2
Giants at Texans
Nov. 13
Colts commanders
Oct. 30
Chargers at Falcons
Nov. 6
Dolphins at Lions
Oct. 30
Jaguars and Colts
Sept. 18

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What does it cost to buy NFL tickets by team?

Unsurprisingly, the Buccaneers ($757.26) had the highest average ticket prices for any NFL team in 2022. It makes sense, considering that Tom Brady is in his last NFL season. Therefore, fans will pay more to see him again.

Only three other teams offer tickets at an average cost of more than 600 dollars, beyond the Bucs. These are the Cowboys ($690), Raiders ($674 and Patriots ($643).

The NFL’s cheapest tickets are the Lions, whose games cost an average of $224. The average ticket price for the other four league teams is below $300, including the Jaguars ($258) and Jets (265) as well as Cardinals (276) and Browns (2282).

Here’s a complete look at the average ticket price list via TicketSmarter. Please note that this average includes all events, even away games.

Average ticket price

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