NFL rumors: Russell Wilson-Eagles trade buzz continues to build

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Last week, I noticed a few faint plumes of smoke at the horizon that suggested, at least somewhat, that there was a possible Russell Wilson-Eagles trading blaze.

It felt like we were just beginning to get a whiff at the time. But now, one day after the NFL trade deadline has passed, we have more smoke and it feels like this thing has a real spark.

ESPN insiders Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen, and Chris Mortensen teamed up to host a podcast Tuesday night. They discussed the impending quarterback frenzy we’ll likely witness this offseason as three big names – Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers – could potentially change teams.

Watson’s situation with unresolved allegations of sexual assault is not clear. More so are the situations of Rodgers & Wilson: They are veterans who aren’t very happy with their current circumstances, Rodgers due to organizational distrust, and Wilson due to a floundering Seahawks squad.

The Eagles are blessed with a number of high-quality draft selections coming to the roost this spring.

Here are the key parts of what Mortensen, Schefter and others discussed Listen to the podcast:

“MORTENSEN. I think the Philadelphia Eagles have a great team. [for Wilson]There. The Colts will give them a pick, and Carson Wentz will be their coach. [first]…


“Either the Eagles or not, they have a stash of first-round draft picks and there’s no doubt in my mind that Russell Wilson would be at the top of their list. 


SCHEFTER – The Eagles could have three Top 20 First-round picks. The Philadelphia Eagles have more options than any other team to acquire a quarterback. Jalen HUTTS, to date, I don’t think has convinced them that this is the guy. So Russell Wilson in Philly. Mort, can you see it?

“MORTENSEN: Yes I can. And look, I know Jalen – I hope he is the guy, but so far they’re not convinced. He has the rest of the year to try and persuade them, convince them that he is the guy. Let’s face it: you still get to the point where, hey, Russell Wilson is – we believe – a future Hall of Famer, and still in his prime. If you have that chance to get that type of player, you get that type of player.”

Two guys with the same level access as Schefter and Mortensen are discussing a scenario like this, even though it isn’t concrete-style hard reporting. They have a lot more inside information. Mortensen claims he can meet Wilson in Philadelphia. This isn’t just smoke. This is some real stuff.

Later, the two discussed the 2022 NFL Draft Class and the quarterbacks available in the first rounds to a QB-needy group like the Eagles. Mortensen offered this interesting insight on Howie Rosenman’s approach to the draft:

“The Eagles, we think, would much rather go the veteran route than take a shot at this quarterback class. There’s some good ones, but are there going to be some great ones?”

It’s interesting. It’s still early November, so we don’t know how different draft community members will view risers in January. However, for now, this seems like the consistent message: 2022’s weak quarterback class. It would be difficult timing for the Eagles… if there weren’t this strong class seemingly available NFL quarterbacks.

Even though I still believe that getting rid all three first-round picks would not be wise, The Eagles need young talent that is cost-controlled, especially if they want Russell Wilson to break the bank.

But, Mortensen stated that Wilson should be your choice if he is available. He’s a franchise-changer. And as we watch elite quarterbacks play later in their late 30s, it’s not too concerning that he turns 33 this month. He’s still at a high level, with a 10 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio in five games. This could make the Eagles contenders.

Although the Eagles have nine games remaining in the 2021 season. However, those feel like afterthoughts as the buzz grows louder and louder.

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