Newmarket pizza place offers halal, Desi menu options

VIDEO: Davis Drive Councillors demonstrate their pizza-making skills at Walk 4 Pizza, which is a family-run business.

Walk 4 Pizza, a Newmarket-based pizza restaurant, hopes to fill a local food void. 

On top of the various pizzas on offer, the restaurant has a number of Desi food items like chicken biryani, shawarma, samosas and pakora on its menu. 

Fared Abro, owner of Walk 4 Pizza, said that he wanted it to be open because there wasn’t enough halal restaurants in the area despite the large Muslim population. He said he wanted that to be closed. 

Abro can also add his own culture to the menu. He and his family are from Pakistan and worked in the food industry there, so they are well experienced when it comes to the restaurant business. 

They moved to Canada in 2005 and now reside in Bradford. Abro’s wife, Mahvash, son Umar and business partner Waqas Warrich work with him.

Abro explained that the unique business name is due to the location at 350 Davis Dr. (between Lorne Avenue & Niagara Street). “walkable”Easy to access. 

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“You can walk here and take the pizza,”He said. 

At the grand opening event on Wednesday, Sept. 28, Umar said there was a second meaning to the name and that it was play off of Waqas, which sounds similar to walk, and Farded, which sounds like four, plus pizza. 

The opening celebration was attended by Mayor John Taylor, Deputy Mayor Tom Vegh, Ward 5 Councillor Bob Kwapis, and members of York Regional Police. Kwapis, Vegh and their fathers worked in pizzerias while they were younger. They used the opportunity to retrain their dough tossing skills and took advantage of the opening celebration. 

While Taylor has never worked in a pizza restaurant himself, he still got involved, putting a pie in the oven before everyone went outside for the ribbon cutting. 

Abro stated that business has been very good with many customers coming in. He said people in the community have been nice and added that “all over Canada, people are very friendly, very lovely people.”

He said he has goals of expanding Walk 4 Pizza all over the Toronto area and wants to open more locations, the next one in Barrie. 

“First ,we’re going to start one franchise in Barrie, then we want to go to Mississauga,”He said. 

The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10 am.m.-10 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 10 pm. 

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