New Standard cannabis dispensary coming to Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A yearslong effort to bring a cannabis retailer to Michigan Street in Grand Rapids is one step closer to construction.

On Thursday, Grand Rapids Planning Commission approved Agri-Med LLC’s newest plan to build a new provisioning center and retail space at 1109 Michigan St. NE, between Diamond and Fuller avenues.

Agri-Med had previously appeared before the planning commission twice in 2020 and 2021, when it sought approval for a project to establish a medical marijuana provisioning centre and a recreational marijuana retail space.

The site was home to Tamminga, Al Garage. Architect Juergen Dietrichson with Progressive AE said they originally planned to renovate the existing building on the lot, but contractors determined that wasn’t feasible.

“It was obvious that it really shouldn’t have been standing. It was in tough shape,”He said.

Dietrichson explained that the new concept will reorient and align the business with the road, align the building’s height to zoning requirements, make the building two stories rather than a one-story facility, provide more parking, and provide a more logical twoway traffic flow for a otherwise difficult space to work in.

“In many ways this site has become way more efficient and also I think will be much more attractive to the property at large,”He said.

“I think we finally got it right,”Aaron Smith from Agri-Med spoke. “We’re really excited about this. We think it’s way better for the community.”

The facility, measuring 3,380 square feet, will be the first. New StandardGrand Rapids provisioning center. Smith said they plan to commission a local artist to create a mural on the building’s eastern wall.

“We’re really excited. It’s going to be a much bigger project, much more expensive project than we originally planned but I think it’s going to be the best for the area, the neighborhood and the surrounding buildings as well,”Smith said.

Much of the planning commission’s discussion focused on traffic flow and access issues to the business. A lawyer representing Agri-Med said they’re in negotiations with the property owner to the east behind the Family Dollar, but have not yet agreed to an easement for a secondary access point.

Stacie Behrler was the only member of the planning committee to vote against this request. She told the commission that she supported tabling a project decision until Agri-Med reached an agreement with its neighbor.

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