New MO initiative could help legalize recreational marijuana use

CAPE GIRARDEAU Mo. (KFVS) – There’s a chance recreational marijuana use could be legalized in Missouri. Local dispensary managers believe legalization could lead to more people being helped.

Greenlight Dispensary Cape Girardeau Manager Sara Gunther Jackson sells only to medical users.

Missouri voters could legalize recreational marijuana. This would allow them to expand their client base.

“To be able to come in and make a purchase and not have to go through the doctor and through all of that to get in here,” Gunther-Jackson said.

“Legal MO 2022″ has enough signatures to be placed on the November ballot pending verification by local election officials.

“I think it should definitely come up for a vote. Might as well put it on the ballot and see what the rest of the state feels like,”Chris Goeke, one man said.

“It could slow down the sale of marijuana illegally or you can get it legal. Then it’s good for people that have glaucoma like myself,”Derrick Jones, another man said.

Anyone over 21 years old could use the drug if approved. However, there is some resistance from law enforcement officials who fear it could lead to extra work for the police.

Gunther-Jackson said she’s hopeful officials will see the need.

“I think this time people really can reflect on the success of the medical market in Missouri. I think as people see that they are a lot more open to adult use is when they see the potential for it,” Gunther-Jackson said.

Legalization would also erase some criminal records. A 6% tax will be imposed upon marijuana sales.

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