New luxury outlet mall coming to Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A new premium luxury outlet mall is coming to Nashville.

In the past, Nashvillians had no choice but to travel to New York or Atlanta for high-end shopping. They can now find designer brands like Gucci here.

Anne Derby, a shopping addict at an outlet mall, loves a good deal.

“Anywhere there’s a Coach outlet — I’m there,”Derby said.

She bought her purse in a Colorado outlet mall, and it was marked down by hundreds of dollars.

“That’s a steal of a deal,”Derby said.

According to the Website for Simon’s, the company that owns The Mall at Green Hills, there are plans to build a high-end luxury outlet in Nashville. They won’t give exact details, but they have similar properties to New York and California.

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In the southern part of the country, a luxury outlet for high-end luxury will be open in 2023 ‘high-income’Music City. This is because the outlet in Antioch has been constructed, and the outlet is being revitalized in Lebanon. What do YOU think? #development #ontherise @nc5

— Alexandra Koehn (@NC5_AKoehn) June 13, 2022

The outlet is different from Tanger Outlets in Antioch which is under construction. There’s also a push to revitalize the Lebanon Outlet Mall in Wilson County.

“If it was closer to downtown it would probably be better because people are here for Broadway usually,” Nashville shopper Taylor Loring said. “I know 5th and Broadway has some new stores out that way, so something close to that would probably be good.”

Loring said it’s interesting that outlet malls are making a comeback. With inflation and rising prices, people want good brands at a discount.

“I do — especially with online shopping and everything right now — I think that’s been the direction that people are going, so for outlet malls to be coming back, I think that’s pretty interesting for the economy,” Loring said.

The new luxury outlet is scheduled to start construction in 2023.

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