New cannabis dispensary to open in Lindsay

LINDSAY, Calif. (KFSN) — “Elevate Lindsay,”A new cannabis dispensary in Lindsay will open its doors inside a brick building downtown.

Courtney Caron, coowner, said it was time to open more doors in Central California, given all the regulations in the industry.

“For so many years, cannabis stores were very secret and people tried to run the other way, but now they are extremely well run,”She said.

Valley Pure was the first dispensary to open in Valley Pure. The new dispensary will be adjacent to it.

Caron said she is looking forward to offering more options to the community, such as a consumption lounge that isn’t often seen in the state.

“We don’t want people just walking around the street because it can affect people who don’t want to be around cannabis smoke, so offering a lounge as a safe place to consume where it’s a safe space is very important in the industry,”She said.

The cultivation will also take place on-site, so people can see how it all works.

Joe Tanner, Lindsay’s Manager, said that the city is looking forward for two dispensaries and appreciated Valley Pure’s operation.

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“It’s been great, it’s been a great partnership and we haven’t had any issues with them,”He said. “I think it’s really about offering folks of Tulare County something new and a different experience.”

Caron said they have submitted their conditional permits application and are now waiting for city approval.

Once the plans are approved, construction will begin.

“We are hoping we can begin construction on July 1 but it really depends on how quick the city can get through the building plans once submitted,”Caron said.

Caron invites everyone who is done to stop and ask questions.

The dispensary “Elevate Lindsay”It is expected to be finished and open by October of this year.

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