New Bedford’s Pour Farm Tavern Gets New Owners

The Pour Farm Tavern’s legacy will soon be in the hands of new owners.

Craig Ribeiro, owner of the property, will soon give the keys to it. “PFT castle”Fairhaven, Jen Cardoza and Brad. Brad is the CEO of CrossFit New Bedford/Erg Fit. He lives with his wife. The current and new owners have known each other for years, making this process a friendly transition all around.

“Jen and I have wanted to buy The Pour Farm for a very long time,” Cardoza said. “We dreamed of it being ours one day if Craig ever decided to sell and when Covid hit, it really brought a lot of business owners, especially bar owners, down. That’s when he decided to sell and we were ready to take on the reigns of the business.”

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

After 13 years of creating a unique and exciting atmosphere in the downtown district’s downtown district, Ribeiro, who also holds years of U.S. Army service, decided to finally retire.

“It’s time for me to go,” Ribeiro said. “Covid took the wind out of my sails. We all have a shelf life and mine is up. Multiple deployments didn’t help either, but I’m glad it’s going to an independent restaurateur who will continue to carry on the tradition of The Pour Farm Tavern. I am happy that Brad and Jen came forward … wouldn’t have sold it otherwise.”

For the last 15 years, the Cardozas have been looking for the perfect opportunity and The Pour Farm Tavern sealed the deal. They say they hope to make the tavern more of a dining experience.

“The heart and soul of the tavern will remain the same,” Cardoza said. “We’re just adding our own spin to it and really want to enhance the kitchen some more. We aren’t going to be taking anything off of the menu, just adding to it. All the favorites will stay, but we plan on adding more gastro-pub items alongside the BBQ with some creative chefs and rotating specials.”

Pour Farm is known to many who have frequented the quaint Purchase Street establishment for its large variety of craft beers on tap. The Cardozas plan on taking that to a whole new level with:

  • Beer Fests
  • Tap takeovers
  • Meet the brewers
  • Exclusive beers that won’t be found elsewhere in New Bedford

  • Neil McCarthy Trio on Thursday
  • Karaoke at A-OK Karaoke, Wednesday
  • Live bands and acts performing on the weekends
  • Pearly Baker Band (still in the planning) on Sunday in the patio area
  • Before Ribeiro began The Pour Farm, Gary Rosa ran The Last Laugh on the same site for 13 years, the same amount of time Ribeiro was in business. They believe that the time is right for the Cardozas to bring the tradition alive for at least 13 years more.

    The Pour Farm Tavern’s legacy will continue to live on for the time being.

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