New AMD CPU Socket With Next-Gen Ryzen Chip Coming in 2022

If you’re on Team AMD, get ready for a new CPU socket. 

On Tuesday, the company confirmed it’s going to be introducing a new socket next year when next-generation Ryzen chips arrive, thus marking the end of the AM4 socket. 

AMD Director of Technical Marketing Robert Hallock discussed the upcoming change in a 14-minute video celebrating the fifth anniversary of the company’s Ryzen chip line. Hallock said that although the new socket wasn’t named: “So in 2022, Ryzen will have a new platform. And some key ingredients are DDR5 (RAM), PCI express Gen 5, and cooler compatibility with existing socket AM4 coolers.”

The changes will put the next-gen Ryzen chips in line with Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake chips, which also support DDR5 RAM, PCIe Gen 5, and are scheduled to arrive later this year.  

Hallock also dispelled rumors that next-generation Ryzen chip makers are sticking with current PCIe Gen 4.0 technology. “I’ve seen the rumors—you have to—saying that next-gen platform will only have (PCIe) Gen 4. No, no, no. It’ll have Gen 5 because Ryzen has made a name for itself,”Hallock stated. 

PCIe Gen 5 will double data bandwidth to components like storage and graphics cards. The new interface will allow future PCs to achieve the highest level of performance. “At the end of the day, people want to know is AMD building a platform with all of the latest and greatest technology to plug into. Yeah. Yes,”Hallock also added. 

AMD also discussed 3D V-Cache (3D chip-stacking) in the video. It was originally unveiled in June. The chip-stacking process promises that future Ryzen CPUs will have more cache to increase processing speeds for applications like gaming by about 15%.

Naturally, we wondered if AMD might hold the technology for Ryzen processors built with the Zen 4 architecture. Hallock says that the 3D V-Cache is expected to arrive in a Zen 3-based Ryzen CPU by early next year. The same chip will still fit into AM4. Consumers who have an AM4 motherboard may still benefit from 3D Vache technology if the upgrade is completed.

“And then, further out in time, you got that Zen 4 product also later in 2022. New platform, new technologies. It’s like a nice steady drumbeat of new stuff,”Hallock also added.

AMD also discussed in the video how it is working to improve power efficiency on laptops to extend the battery life. To pull this off, the chip maker is looking at using several power-management algorithms in the device’s firmware to optimize the battery consumption instead of merely relying on one.

“That allows you to extract even more power efficiency from the CPU,”Hallock stated. Hallock stated that the company will release a new line notebook-based CPUs in the first quarter of next year.

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