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CORUNNA — Observant travelers of the M-21 corridor have undoubtedly noticed a new building rising from the earth in front of Corunna’s East Town Plaza at 2550 E. Main St. across from Meijer.

Unlike the new Frankenmuth Credit Union building going up down the road at 2267 E. Main, adjacent to Home Depot, this new construction doesn’t have a cheery sign out in front touting it as the future home of anything. Corunna City Planner/Assessor Merilee Lawson has confirmed that this is the future location for a Skymint Brands marijuana dispensary.

Skymint, according to Lawson, is one of five companies that have been granted a license to be an operator as a “marijuana provisioning center/retailer” within city limits since the passing of an amendment to the city’s marijuana facilities ordinance (Ordinance No. 21-02) that allowed such storefronts in April 2005.

None of these licensed businesses have yet to open for business. Skymint’s city license was originally issued May 20, 2021, and is set to expire on the same date this year, which may shed some light on the timetable in which the company plans to have the store up and running, though it can apply for renewal regardless. Skymint has not responded to inquiries seeking more information about its plans for the site.

Skymint’s license is one of two reserved for Corunna’s C-3 “General Business District.”There are also two licenses available for the C-1 “Central Business District”Two for the C-2 “Service/Business District,”Limiting the number to six.

Skymint’s website lists the company as operating 15 cannabis retail locations at present, with another two listed as being “closed.”One in Traverse City is listed under Coming “soon,”However, other online sources indicate that the Traverse City location is not yet open. “recently opened.”An article, announcing the opening of a Muskegon store on Feb. 16, called that location the company’s 18th.

Skymint remains a respected player in the Michigan dispensary market. John Lawson from Ward 2 on the Corunna City Council cited a trip he made to one of their provisioning centres in Lansing to help him understand. “yes”Vote for the amendment to facilities ordinance

“I was incredibly impressed with the whole operation they ran there,”Lawson stated this last April. “If it was that kind of operation that would go in (here), I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

Lawson said the company passed City Manager Joe Sawyer’s 100-point application evaluation — which determines a company’s fitness for one of the marijuana licenses based on “consistency with surrounding land use and resident safety, demonstration of sufficient financial resources, and promotion of local business and economic development,” per the city’s ordinance — with a score of “80 or 81.”

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