My mother-in-law forced me to host for the holidays and invited 20 people without asking – that’s not the worst part

A WOMAN shared her frustrated holiday plans with the internet. 

She claimed her mother-in-law invited 20 people to her house for Thanksgiving a week before the holiday – but that’s not the only holiday they’re celebrating.


After being told she had just one week to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, a woman was frustrated.Credit: Getty
She said she works 15 hour days and her home is nowhere near ready to host so many family members


She stated that she works 15-hour days and that her home isn’t ready to accommodate so many family members.Credit: Getty

“I don’t stress easily. But I’m at my breaking point,”The woman wrote the beginning in an anonymous Reddit post.

She explained that she and her husband assumed his mother would be hosting Thanksgiving as she normally does every year – but were taken back when his mother asked them what their plans were just over a week before the holiday.

“This year we had absolutely no plans to travel,”The poster wrote.

“We both work A LOT. 

“I’m working even more until I can pay myself from my business.”

They said they were having a small family dinner, but the mother of the bride insisted that the family be hosted by someone. 

After realizing that Thanksgiving was not possible for everyone in the family, the mother decided to give the task over to her son and daughter.

“His mom asks if everyone from Christmas is invited,”The woman wrote that the group consists of 20 people.

“And then [she] keeps inviting more.”

On top of this, the poster’s husband informed her that the family would also be doing a present exchange since they won’t be around for Christmas. 

“I blew up,”She recalled.

“I’m like, ‘So now not only do I have to prep the house [and] buy food and cook for all these people, I have to figure out presents? In a week?’”

“Mentally I’m just screaming, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”

Even worse, when the daughter-inlaw had purchased all the food, the mother in-law informed her that only seven people would be coming to the dinner.

“Y’all don’t even want to know the other things going on,”She vented.

“Family … is still living with us. 

“Some home repairs we have to get done. 

“And I work retail.”

The woman was reassured that there were many Reddit users who sympathized with and understood her.

“Bro I would do nothing. 

“Go get some McDonald’s while everyone comes to your house,” one user commented.

Many others advised the woman to let her husband manage everything, since he was the one who originally agreed to host and exchange presents. 

Unsurprisingly, the poster isn’t the only person having issues related to the holidays.

One mother shared that her son-in-law and daughter-in law expect her to prepare vegan Thanksgiving meals.

Instead, she told them that they could make their own meals. 

The woman was not happy with her husband, who originally approved of the plans


The woman was unhappy with her husband, who initially approved of the plans.Credit: Getty
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