My Hero Academia Season 5 OVAs Release Date Announced

Deku and his friends will be back for two My Hero Academia season 5, OVAs. They will stream on Crunchyroll in the summer, ahead of the show’s upcoming season 6.

The My Hero Academia season 5 OVAs finally receive an international release date. It was previously announced that My Hero Academia viewers would receive two OVAs this summer ahead of season 6. The first episode was titled “HLB”The episode, which stands for Hero League of Baseball, is based on some previously released My Hero Academia April Fools’ Day art. The episode features the pro-heroes and students playing baseball in a game where quirks are encouraged. The characters are divided up into two teams (Gang Orca’s Orcas vs Shishido’s Lionels), but a villain interrupts the proceedings. Todoroki, Bakugo, Midoriya and Bakugo return to Endeavor for the second episode. “Laugh! As if you are in Hell!”


Japan has already aired the most recent episodes of My Hero Academia OVA. Fortunately, their worldwide debut isn’t far behind. As shared by AIR_News01Twitter announced that the My Hero Academia special episodes would start streaming on Crunchyroll starting August 1. For those who just can’t wait, Crunchyroll is sharing these episodes at Anime Expo in Los Angeles on July 1.

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Soon after these special episodes, My Hero Academia season 6 will be released. The next season will feature the most intense battle of the series, contrasted with the lighter-hearted OVAs. The special episodes of August and the next season will keep viewers busy. My Hero AcademiaThey are likely to premiere season 6’s fall premiere not too far away. We will hopefully have more information on the OVAs in the coming weeks.

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Source: AIR_News01, Crunchyroll

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