Multiple Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensary locations shut down for unpaid taxes

COLORADO SPIRES, Colo. (KRDO). — Three Colorado Springs medical cannabis dispensaries have been closed by the state. A warrant for distraint notice was posted on the front door of one business. It states that the owners owe thousands in unpaid tax.

Tweedleaf was shutdown by the Marijuana Enforcement Divison. 13 Investigates found this out Thursday. All seven Tweedleaf Colorado locations were closed.

According to Colorado Department of Revenue, an investigation continues. The state claims that 18 business licenses are available under the umbrella of “TweedLeaf”were closed. These closures are part of a coordinated investigation by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Taxation Division.

According to the warrant for distraint, AJC Industries, the limited-liability company for Tweedleaf has more than $82,000 in unpaid and delinquent taxes. According to the warrant, they received 12 separate notices between October 2021 and now.

13 Investigates called John Kaweske, the owner of Tweedleaf and visited the address listed on the El Paso County Assessor website. We were unable to reach him.

Tweedleaf currently has three Colorado Springs offices. TweedLeaf Colorado offers 18 business licenses. Each license allows for multiple processing and cultivation sites.

13 Investigates was informed by an ex-employee that dozens upon dozens of employees were laid off.

Truman Bradly is the Executive Director of the Marijuana Industry Group. He issued this statement regarding the closures to 13 Investigates:

“Tweedleaf had some specific issues related to taxes, but what they share with other cannabis small business owners across the state is that they are feeling the effects of a brutal and draconian federal tax structure and a serious downturn in the market.  They are one of a number of small businesses that have been driven out of business by increasing taxes and regulations. This is combined with customers and patients that are feeling the effects of high inflation.”

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