Mt. Bachelor adding ‘Fast Tracks’ passes for new season; Black Friday opening planned

Locals react mixed to Move at 4 POWDR resorts; tubing won’t return this winter

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — A new “Fast Tracks”Skiers and snowboarders will have the option to purchase a pass at Mt. The resort announced this weekend that Bachelor will be offering a pass option for skiers and snowboarders at Mount.

There will be a limit of “Fast Tracks”Visitors can purchase additional lift tickets and passes each day by purchasing passes. The passes start at $49 per Day, but dynamic pricing is available based on the mountain, peak times, holiday, and day of week.

According to a Wall Street Journal article on Saturday, Powdr, resort owner, is implanting “Fast Tracks”At four of its most popular resorts including Mt. Bachelor, Copper Mountain in Colorado and Snowbird in Utah. Killington is Vermont.

Mt. The 21/22 Operating Plan for Bachelors was posted on their website. “Fast Tracks”Passes can be added to your lift tickets or passes by visiting the ticket window at resort on the day you visit or by using a smartphone with a QR code to scan your lift ticket.

Which Bachelor lifts will offer the following? “Fast Tracks”Option has not yet been disclosed.

However, there are mixed reactions to the idea from early social media comments by bachelor skiers and boarders on Reddit and Facebook. “Fast Tracks”Some commenters were upset that the announcement came after the Sept. 30 second deadline for season passes sales.

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Reddit user: “Also to have announced this after the season pass sale is so scummy … it’s not like I can take my money elsewhere now. And if Bachelor think its lines are so bad to require this, then start getting six-person chairs in.”

Commentator in the “Mt. Bachelor Conditions”Powdr was supported more by his Facebook group than Powdr, writing. “It’s a private company charging for an expedited service. No one has to buy it, it’s not required to ski (or even included in every lift line) and it’s not like it changes how many people are riding the lifts.”

Others mentioned that major amusement parks such as Disneyland use fast passes or something similar for visitors who are willing and able to pay more to skip the long lines.

NewsChannel 21 reached Mt. Bachelor to comment.

The “Fast Tracks”Mt. Bachelor’s operating plans. You will find additional details below.

Opening date

Mt. Mt. After being delayed until December 7, 2020, due to the Pandemic, it will be back to its original date.

Uncontrolled and Unpatrolled Uphill Travel will be permitted on the mountain through Sunday, November 21. The week leading up to the opening day will see uphill travel close again.

Mt. Bachelor App

Mt. Bachelor will launch a new smartphone app in this season’s first quarter. It will be available for download starting November 1.

The operating plan says that the app will provide realtime weather and chairlift alerts.

Protocols COVID-19

All lodges will be open for dining but the resort stated that it will closely monitor all state and local guidelines regarding lodge capacity, indoor dining, and masking.

Visitors can also count on “expanded food cart pods at both West Village and Sunrise Lodge this winter.”

The rental services will be expanded starting in the last season “but still limited this year, with pre-arrival reservations required,”The resort said.

All of the improved cleaning and sanitizing techniques from last season are back.

As previously reported, reservations for parking are not possible this season. However, premium parking options will still remain available for purchase.

No snow tubing

Mt. This season, Bachelor

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