Montel Williams visits Dracut dispensary to promote new line of cannabis products

DRACUT — Television talk show host and military veteran Montel Williams visited town Wednesday to promote his newest venture: marijuana.

Williams visited Tree House Craft Cannabis Wednesday evening, to promote his new line Of cannabis vape cartridges, “Inspire by Montel”. These products are a collaboration between Freshly Baked, Taunton, Massachusetts, and will be available in Massachusetts dispensaries.

“I’ve been doing this for 21 years. Long before this was legal, long before there was a Massachusetts law allowing the sale of cannabis, I was out here testifying and advocating,”Williams said. “(I was) advocating for rights for patients to have access to this medication.”

Williams became famous as the Emmy Award-winning host. “Montel Williams Show,”The series aired on CBS from 1991 through 2008. He was a Navy veteran and the first Black Marine to be selected for the Naval Academy Prep School. He then went on to graduate the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned as a Naval Officer.

Since the cancellation of Williams’ show, he has continued his career in television and now hosts “Military Makeover with Montel”Lifetime. He started a podcast. “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel,”2020

Williams was diagnosed in 1999 with multiple sclerosis. After being diagnosed, Williams began using marijuana to manage his pain. He has since become a proponent for legalizing marijuana in the United States. While he had previously released a line CBD oils through Lenitiv Scientific’s company, Inspire by Montel was his first line vape cartridges.

“Cannabis works for everybody differently,”He said. “It’s helped me take charge of my symptoms instead of them taking charge of me.”

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Co-founders of Freshly Baked, Philip Smith and Jenny Roseman are both disabled veterans who founded their company in 2018. They explained that Williams was the first person they thought of when they were watching TV. “Military Makeover.”

Two years later, they appeared on an episode of Williams’ podcast, which was released in November 2021. They continued to talk and formed a business partnership.

“I feel so fortunate because Montel is a veteran, and we are a disabled veteran-owned company, so it’s very magical,”Roseman stated. “This is a big deal for us.”

The line of vapes was created and manufactured in a matter of months. The first batch of wholesale batches sold out in presale. Additional batches are currently being produced.

Three 1-gram vape cartridges are included in the line. “Energy”95% THC is the cannabinoid responsible for getting you high and 5% CBD has a calming effect. “Chill”It is split 50-50 between CBD and THC. “Calm”90% CBD, 10% THC.

Williams stated that he doesn’t support the traditional marijuana classification. “indica”And “sativa,”He prefers to concentrate on the terpenes, chemicals in different strains that can affect taste and the effects that users feel. He stated that unlike many other cannabis products, which include terpenes from different sources like fruits and vegetables. His does not.

“Would you smoke a grape? Would you vape a cabbage?”He laughed. “Why would we put fruit- and vegetable-based cannabinoids in a cartridge?”

Wes Ritchie, Ture Turnbull, Tree House Craft Cannabis Co-CEOs, said that the products made by Williams, Freshly Baked, and other cannabis companies are exactly what they want in their small, independent shop which opened in November.

“We’ve been making value choices about who we work with and helping the community since we opened,”Turnbull stated. “These partnerships are part of us.”

Ritchie agreed, and added that they are actively trying to create a community for their company.

“I was reminded while hearing him speak that a huge percentage of our customers are coming in and trying to treat something. They’re feeling anxious, or having trouble sleeping,”He said. “The fact we have someone who has dedicated his career to this and can explain what’s in his products shows there’s a lot of care in this.”

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