Mike Tyson visits Lowell cannabis dispensary, Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions

Officials said that Mike Tyson, a former world heavyweight boxing champion, spent Thursday in Lowell. He visited a cannabis dispensary in Lowell to promote his Tyson 2.0 brand.

Tyson’s appearance at the championship and his plan to promote his cannabis brand while in Lowell were announced earlier this week by officials at Lowell Memorial Auditorium.

The dispensary announced his visit to the Cannabist dispensary at Lowell last week. Karyn Regal, WBZ journalist, reported the news Thursday.

Thursday night’s request for comment was not immediately responded to by representatives at the dispensary as well as the auditorium.

The Globe was informed Wednesday by the Golden Gloves champion that they were happy to welcome Tyson to Lowell. He won the heavyweight title in the 1983 Golden Gloves tournament.

“It’s a great thing, that he’s happy to do that and give back to the sport,”Bob Russo is the Lowell tournament director, and the national president of the Golden Gloves. He spoke earlier this week. “We’re super excited to have him. He’s a real icon of the sport, and we’re just happy that he’ll help our program.”

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