Messi: I had decided to end my career at Barcelona

IIt’s no secret that it is a popular choice for many people. Lionel MessiWe didn’t want the opportunity to leave BarcelonaThis summer.

Despite his contract being expired, however, he was able to apply for a new contract. MessiI was forced to search for another club. BarcelonaDespite all being agreed upon for a renewal, they were unable to offer an ex-captain any deal due to their financial situation.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” MessiIn an interview with France Football, this week, he stated these words. “In my head, I was going to go [back to Barcelona], sign and start training straight away.

“I thought everything was done and I needed to sign it. When I got there, they said that it wasn’t possible anymore. They told me I couldn’t stay, and that they couldn’t renew mine. It changed my plans.

“It was extremely difficult to accept. To think that we were going to have to leave our home, the family were going to have their routines turned upside down, the kids were going to have to change schools and come with us to a completely new place.

“This was my first career moment like it. I had made the decision to end my career. Barcelona. Although it was hard, we both passed the test together. Many thoughts ran through my mind, but it was impossible for me to leave.”

Messi then went to Paris Saint-Germain, where he can continue to dream of winning the Champions League alongside Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, as well as international teammate Angel Di Maria.

PSGI was offered the opportunity to join.” Messi said. “While I was open to receiving other offers, I must admit that this was the most quick and efficient. PSG. It was not easy because everything needed to be done quickly and almost overnight.

“I was seduced by the project, the club’s ambitions, the players they had, the group. All of those things made it easier to reach an agreement. That [having friends at the club in Neymar and Di Maria] was important, because I knew I was going to a new country and I had to start from scratch.

“It was easier to adapt because I knew I had friends in my dressing room. They kept asking me at Copa America if I was going with them, but always in jest because I knew I wanted to stay. Barcelona. It was a surprise for them when I told them I was going to PSG.”

Messi has made no secret about his desire to win the Champions League again, having not won it since 2015, when he was playing alongside Luis Suarez and Neymar at Barcelona.

“It’s everyone’s dream here.” Messi said. “Since a long time, the club has been working towards this goal and has been steadily moving closer. Personally, it’s the exact same.

“I would love to win the Champions League again, as I said at Barcelona. It’s a great, difficult competition to win. But this group of players has what it takes.

“It’s true, it’s PSGAlthough’s main focus is Chelsea, Inter, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, there are strong teams such as Inter, Chelsea and Manchester. They are all great.

“We have great individuals, but we are still getting to know each other and building a team. To win important trophies you have to play as a team. That’s why I think we’re a step behind these other clubs, because they have more experience as a collective than we do.”

Nobody has ever won a greater number of Ballon d’Ors. MessiHe is six years old, but he doesn’t feel like he’s the favourite this year.

“I don’t think I’m the favourite and I’ve never liked talking about it until the result is in,” Messi “It would be great to win another one, it’s already amazing to be the only player to have won six.

“A seventh would be amazing. I won the Copa America trophy this summer, which was the pinnacle of my life. I’ll be very happy if I win another Ballon d’Or. However, I’m not planning on it.

“In my team there are at least two players for whom I’ll vote in Kylian and Ney. Then [Robert] Lewandowski, who has had a great year. But there’s also [Karim] Benzema.

“We all know that trophies matter now. The vote always includes the Copa America, the European Championship, and the Champions League.

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