Meredith Proves That She Didn’t Fake Her Father’s Memorial

After being accused of lying by Real Housewives Salt Lake City fans, Meredith Marks presented receipts to prove she was at her father’s memorial.

The date of Meredith Marks’ late father’s memorial came into question again during a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 2, and Meredith provided actual receipts to prove that she wasn’t faking the memorial. Jen Shah was taken into custody while the housewives were waiting in a party bus to go to Vail. The housewives then questioned Meredith Marks about why Mary Cosby and Meredith Marks were not there. When Lisa Barlow called Meredith to tell her what happened to Jen, Meredith explained that she was at her father’s memorial.

There was speculation among the cast that Meredith might have been the one who tipped the Feds. Meredith had a vendetta against Jen for liking homophobic comments about Brooks Marks. Meredith also told the other cast members that Meredith had hired a private detective after Brooks was harassed online. This made them wonder if Meredith actually found out anything about Jen and turned her in. Meredith denied having anything to do with it, but the housewives kept questioning the validity of her father’s memorial. In a recent episode, Whitney Rose questioned Meredith about it again, which led to Meredith walking away fuming.


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After this particular episode aired, Meredith took to Twitter to prove that she was, in fact, at her father’s memorial on the day of Jen Shah’s arrest. Meredith wrote in a since-deleted Tweet, “Repulsive as it is, some are still commenting that I faked a memorial. I am not the fake of the group. I answered the question the first night asked at the white party. I went to aspen on 3/28, had the memorial on 3/29, and left for Vail that evening. Receipt below for my hotel.”She shared a tweet with a photo of her booking details for Residences at The Little Nell. It included her check-in date and time. Meredith, who lost her father to Alzheimer’s, shared on RHOSLC season 1 that her father sadly passed away.

Meredith talking to a friend outside on RHOSLC

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 Twitter users questioned this photo that aimed to prove that Meredith was actually at her father’s memorial. One fan replied, “I see that you were going to book a hotel but where is your father’s memorial post? I believe you, just show that receipt to shut all of this down.” Another Twitter user agreed, “Thank you! Seriously, has no one on this thread ever stayed in a hotel before? This is a reservation. Receipts have dollar amounts, time of check-in/check-out, room number, a form of payment… Not saying Meredith isn’t being truthful, but this is proof of nothing.”

Meredith didn’t have a great journey on RHOSLC season 2 as she had to fend off accusations surrounding Jen’s arrest while also defending her friendship with Mary. Meredith’s friendship with Lisa Barlow also took a huge hit when the other housewives kept pointing out to Lisa that Meredith didn’t have her back. Meredith recently suggested that she may be done. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake CityAfter being constantly accused by her castmates, she was finally proven innocent. At this point, her attempt to prove that she was telling the truth about her father’s memorial may be the last straw for her.

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Source: Meredith Marks/Twitter

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