Menswear: Seasons come and go, boxers are always in demand

Winters are often about sweatshirts and sweaters, pullovers, pullovers, and track bottoms. For men, blazers or formal suits are a great addition. The one piece of clothing that never goes away is the blazer. fashionBoxers.

You can also buy them now, as they are off-season and available at heavily discounted prices. Here are some options.

1) US Polo Association Men’s Print Boxers


This boxer is available as a black, white, or navy color. Amazon sells several combination packs at attractive prices. This 100% cotton boxer can be machine washed. The breathable combed-cotton woven fabric is soft and breathable. It is designed to be comfortable and can be worn as loungewear, leisure wear, or comfort wear. The elastic waistband holds it in place. It also has two side pockets. The boxer’s sides slits at the hems of his legs allow for unhindered movement. We have used small-sized white boxer for this discussion.


M.R.P.: 699.00

Price: 292.00


2) Levi’s Men’s Soft Cotton 300 LS Printed Woven Boxer Shorts With Button Fly and Pockets



These boxers come in five colours: birdsfeet black and birdsfeet blue, camouflage navy, birdsfeet navy denim inspired navy, houndstooth sodalite, and camouflage navy. This pair of regular-fit shorts features a modern design and side pockets. It is made of 100% cotton fabric and is very soft to the touch. It is not itchy. TagsThe stitching is durable and can be used for many years. It comes in a variety of sizes, from small to large. Birdfeet black has been used in small sizes to illustrate this point. 

M.R.P.: 549.00

Price: 411.00


3) Van Heusen Men Boxer Shorts



Van Heusen’s boxer comes in five colors: black, blue, green and grey. The sizes range from small to large. This boxer can also be machine washed. Its soft fabric provides all-day comfort. It is available in a variety of trendy colors. We have used the small size of the blue pair to illustrate this point.


M.R.P.: 499.00

Price: 474.00 


4) Jockey Men’s Cotton Shorts (Colors may Vary)



This pair is 100% cotton and soft on the skin. It also features a durable inner belt, button placket (the double layers that hold the buttons in any garment), and front fly system to undress and open. It also features back pockets.

Price: 357.00 – 599.00

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