Mega Christmas Star made of Paddy Husk & Wooden Pieces is ‘STAR ATTRACTION’ at Shirthady Church

Mega Christmas made with Paddy Husk & Wooden Bits ‘STAR ATTRACTION’Mount Carmel Church Shirthady

Shirthadi/Mangaluru:Mount Carmel Church, Shirthady has a MEGA Christmas star made from paddy husk (and other wooden pieces) by Life Seva Centre members. It is on display from December 22 through January 5. The public can view the star by hanging it on a badam tree at Mount Carmel Church in Shirtady.

The Life Seva Center’s members, Yatishi Kalal, Joel Sequeira, and Naveen Shetty have been creating Christmas stars each year for the past eight years. This team created the Christmas star using eco-friendly materials in the ninth edition of the series of Christmas Stars. Last year, the star raised awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic. The star is made of 20 kg paddy flowers and 20kg of wooden sticks to raise awareness about eco-friendly products and encourage people to choose eco-friendly products.

The star is 12 feet tall and 12 foot wide. It features an attractive crib with a roof of dry straw at its centre and unique lighting. The star that promotes harmonious coexistence is a spectacular view with beautiful nightlights. The work on the star took eight days. While Harish Acharya did wood carving work, Cyprian D’Souza and Abhilash Karkala also were involved with the creation of this star.

A small crib depicting the story of Jesus’ birth is located in the centre of the star. It is made of paddy straw and wooden sticks. Fr Herald Mascarenhas from Mount Carmel Church, the parish priest, stated that the creation of such a beautiful Christmas Star has made youth into guiding stars. Life Seva’s Prasanna Joyal said that the star spreads a message on peace and harmony in the society and the message should be reached to all, while there is too much tension and disharmony happening now and then.

Yathish Kula, another member of this organization, said that harmony among religions was the need of today. “I have been engaged in preparing the star for many years, and I feel proud in creating this unique star which has received applause from all quarters,”Kulal was also added. Naveen Shetty, another member of the group, added Kulal. “Along with conservation of nature, there is a need to go back to the tradition, which is highlighted through this star.”Kudos for the entire team that created this star, which is making headlines all over the world.

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