MAILBAG: Lattanzio’s Inverted Fullbacks, Goal Scoring Analysis, and a Sir Minty Dilemma

As interim Head Coach Lattanzio becomes more comfortable in his role, who do think will be a sleeper success from the roster that we have yet see much of? – Bobby, Winston-Salem, NC

These are some of the things I believe we already see. “sleepers” under Lattanzio that we didn’t see much of before now. Inverted fullbacks are a perfect example of what I just mentioned.

Afful was not seen much until the past few weeks. Harrison is well-suited for the role of inverted fullbacks due to Harrison’s tactical shift.

The center back duo of Anton Walkes and Jan Sobociński are others who have benefited under Lattanzio and that we may see more of. Sobociński made his MLS debut and Lattanzio was quoted as saying Walkes is “one of the best defenders in this league.”

Walkes has clearly moved up the pecking list, but it will still be interesting to see how Fuchs’s return affects his playing time.

Titi Ortiz is the number ten. He had seen very few minutes before now. He’s just made two straight starts under Lattanzio who rates him highly. He’s a player who can produce moments of magic, which you can see in training, but now he has the opportunity to show it on the pitch to fans.

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