Lynn’s only woman-owned Cannabis dispensary opens its doors

Heather Hannon, Essex Apothecary’s owner, cuts the ribbon for opening her dispensary. She was surrounded by staff and Lynn officials. Paul Halloran took the photo.

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LYNN — Heather Hannon was determined to educate people about the healing powers of cannabis when she opened a marijuana shop in Lynn. 

“I’m trying to break the stigma,” said Hannon. “I really believe in the helping aspects of cannabis.”

Essex Apothecary, her dispensary, is the only women-owned cannabis shop within the city. It is located at 233, Western Ave. and opened on June 3, with a ribbon cutting. It offers a wide range of products, including edibles, concentrates and flower. 

Hannon wants to offer customers a personal cannabis experience.

“Because everybody is different and reacts differently to different things, our intent is to listen to our customers and suggest products that can assist them,”She said.

Hannon is a native of Texas and lives in Lynn. She is a math and science alumna, as well as a business graduate. She previously worked in pharmaceuticals. 

“I love that research and development is now being done on the positive aspects of cannabis,”She said. 

The potential benefits include the reduction of inflammation and muscle tension as well managing chronic pain and anxiety.

“When my father was going through chemo, it helped him get an appetite,” said Hannon. 

Hannon, a single mom, is proud to own a woman-owned business. She is also a member of the Lynn Home for Women’s Board. She believes that women can achieve anything if they have the will and the determination to succeed. She plans to support other women, local artisans, and sell cannabis-related merchandise like clothing, candles, and mugs. She also plans to collaborate with other businesses in the area. She is also scouting local artists to exhibit their work and all proceeds going directly to them. 

Studio Jade collaborated with Melido Feliz Perez, a mural painter Kristian Rod and created the decorative mural that decorates the dispensary’s exterior. Inside, imagery of alchemical tools—beakers, glass tubes and statues—adorns the wallpaper as a nod to the apothecaries of old.

Essex Apothecary offers an online ordering option for same-day pickup. All shoppers must be at minimum 21 years old. 

Massachusetts legalized cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. This has been a major revenue generator for the state. Since November 2018, when sales began, more than 200 dispensaries and delivery companies have been licensed. Shoppers have spent over $3 billion. The Cannabis Control Commission announced mid-May that the state had reached the $3 billion threshold. The state is now able to collect more tax revenue from cannabis than it does from alcohol. 

Lynn will also benefit from the revenue, Hannon claims. She signed a host-community agreement that required the dispensary provide Lynn with 6 percent of its annual gross revenues after taking into account the 3 percent local tax.

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