Logan Square furniture shop owners to take center stage in new HGTV home rehab show

Joe Piercy and Meg learned the thrift and ingenuity they will display on the upcoming HGTV Chicago show. “Renovation Goldmine”The couple was about to have a child when they were almost broke.

“A neighbor gave us a piece of furniture and Meg and I painted it, we listed it on Craigslist the next day and sold it for $80 and we were like, ‘Holy cow! Let’s do this again,’”Joe Piercy stated.

The couple began to forage every possible place, from alleyways to Salvation Army stores.

“And every night we’d paint furniture and watch ‘Law and Order’ and ‘CSI’ and then we’d list pieces on Craigslist and it came to the point where buyers would be coming to our house every single night,”He said.

Meg Piercy was working at a nonprofit for at-risk youth at the time and Joe Piercy was trying his hand at home flipping — an endeavor that went sideways.

“And then we started getting a bit crafty and bought some tools and we just kind of taught ourselves everything by watching YouTube,”Joe Piercy stated. “We had no idea what we were doing. But painting furniture was kind of therapeutic. We loved the before and after of it.”

They were living in an apartment in Uptown and began using their neighbor’s garage as a workshop.

“We had designers who started buying from us and they were like, ‘There’s a huge gap in the market for what you guys are doing. You need to make this legitimate and turn it into more of a business than a hobby.’ So we did,”Meg Piercy stated.

They opened a tiny shopfront near Montrose & Ashland avenues, then moved to their current location at 2728 N. Elston Ave.

Their store, which flourished into a full-service home decor shop, is called MegMade — two words that Joe Piercy said were a natural fit and constant refrain as he bragged about his wife.

Cast members have been tallied by the couple “Chicago Med” “Chicago P.D.,”Sophia Bush as a customer.

HGTV was exposed to them through regular updates and DIY ideas they posted to their Instagram accounts.

The couple will work with contractors and homeowners to create the show. rehabRedecorate up five rooms in a house.

“Joe was made to be on TV,”Meg Piercy stated. “His personality is ridiculously huge. For me, I don’t like attention as much as he does. It’s funny, if you put me in a photoshoot I am so uncomfortable, but if you put a video camera in front of either of us it doesn’t affect us at all.”

The first episode of eight will air Saturday at 7 p.m.

Two homes will be featured in the first show, including the Roscoe village home of a Chicago firefighter.

Meg Piercy was born in Kansas City and attended University of Kansas. Joe Piercy was born in Champaign, and attended the University of Illinois.

They met at a Chicago church function and were then engaged six weeks later.

The couple moved from Uptown, Indiana to Portage Park several years ago. They now live in Schererville with their three sons.

They plan to open a store in Munster (Ind.) this summer.

The couple, both 38, have yet to meet Alison Victoria Gramenos, the star of HGTV’s other Chicago-based show, “Windy City Rehab.”

One interesting factoid. Meg Piercy isn’t the most well-known person in her family. That title would go to her nephew, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, a forward with the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder.

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