Local dispensary holds cannabis expungement session

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Many criminal records related to cannabis have been wiped out, some people are automatically in a process that’s been going on for years. But, not everyone’s records have been automatically cleared and some are trying to help people navigate that expungement process.

Green Goods organized the first New Mexico cannabis exoneration session. This was to expedite the process. In the first session, they are working with the Department of Public Safety to try to update previous charges that wouldn’t be viable under today’s law. 

“So the idea is that we are going to have people from Albuquerque that have charges after 2000 for cannabis to come see us, and we are going to see if they would be eligible to have their charges expunged– that way they have more opportunities for the future,” said  Augustine Ternoir president of the Cannabis Society UNM School of Law.

Green Goods says many people in New Mexico didn’t have their previous charges atomically expunged on July 1. They are currently able to accept only certain candidates. 

“We are only looking for people that have a charge of cannabis only maybe with paraphernalia so if there is an additional charge like a gun charge or other harder drugs those are the folks we can’t quite help right now,”Ellie Besanzon is the Red Barn Growers’ executive director.  

If you are curious about whether your arrest was cleared, these sessions can help.

The next session will be held on Oct. 1, with representatives from the Department of Safety on-site.

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