LI’s Debbie Gibson releases ‘Christmas Star’ single

Debbie Gibson has a unique holiday song, and it’s not Mariah Carey. The Merrick native will release a new single. “Christmas Star”Friday

“There’s a lot of cynicism and pain in the world but there is always room for change and shifting that energy. ‘Christmas Star’ speaks to forgiving yourself, others and of being the change you want to see in the world by making changes in yourself,”Gibson, 51. “Holiday time always feels like a chance for a fresh start!”

But, this isn’t just your average pop tune. Gibson wanted to share a message with listeners through the song.

“Everyone has the power to manifest what they want!”Gibson. “You want that glimmer of hope and that new attitude? Don’t just stare at that star atop the tree but, actually BE the star of your own life!”

Gibson, who is currently living in Las Vegas and plans to return home for the season. In fact, she has several precious Long Island holiday memories from skating on Mill Pond in Wantagh and at Newbridge Rink in Bellmore to spending the holidays at her grandparents’ house in Bellmore.

“Santa came to their homes every year, in person and live. He gave out gag presents to all the old Italians that he liked. ‘Ohhh a jar of red peppers for Sal.’ Basically, whatever Santa could find in the basement. It was hysterical!” she recalls. “The most memorable might have been the year of Cabbage Patch [doll] mania! Grandma almost got trampled at Roosevelt Field mall … another treasured stomping ground! The Italian cooking, though, is maybe the most vivid for me. My grandpa yelling [to his wife], ‘Josephine, will you please sit down!’But she was too busy serving her family!”

This song is just a taste of what’s to come next year when Gibson will release a full holiday album. In the meantime, she hopes “Christmas Star”You can catch on.

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Gibson: “It is my dream that this song makes people feel so great, festive and empowered and that it is a ‘go to’ every holiday season!”

David J. Criblez is a reporter for Newsday’s exploreLI, covering entertainment-related events from local music to stand-up comedy to festivals.

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