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Russian jets and missile container still in Belarus, Ukraine’s Armed Forces says

Alexander Lukashenko (Belarusian President) chairs a meeting regarding security in Minsk, Belarus on October 10, 2022. Maxim Guchek/BelTA/Handout via REUTERS EDITORS – THIS IMG WAS PROVIDED TO YOU BY A THIRD PARTY NO RESALE. NO ARCHIVES. MANDATORY CREDIT.

Maxim Guchek | Belta | Reuters

According to Ukraine’s armed forces, Missile containers and MiG-31K interceptor planes belonging to Russian Aerospace Forces are still in Belarus.

Three MiG-31K’s are visible in aerial photos of Machylyshchy, which were posted to Telegram by the Armed Forces. These fighter-interceptors can launch the Kh-47M2 and carry it. “Kinzhal”Hypersonic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons

You can also see several missile containers in photos. “Kinzhal”According to the Ukrainian military, missiles can be stored.

“Russia has occasionally launched these weapons during the Ukraine war, but stocks are likely very limited,”The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense issued a statement Tuesday regarding interceptors for the MiG-31K.

Multiple times in October, the MiG-31K aircraft were seen flying over Belarusian towns. The U.K. Defense Ministry suggested the interceptors’ presence in Belarus was intentional. “portray Belarus as increasingly complicit in the war”To the West.

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— Rocio Fabbro

According to reports from the economy ministry, Russia’s economy shrank 5% in September.

An elderly customer counts ruble banknotes in a Moscow, Russia supermarket.

Andrey Rudakov | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Russia’s economy shrank by 5% on an annualized basis in September, the economy ministry said, a sharper contraction than the 4% recorded a month earlier.

Western sanctions and the fallout from Russia sending tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine in February have pushed the country into recession, but Moscow says the West has failed to destroy the Russian economy.

Economists predicted a double digit recession for 2022 in the beginning of this year. In a statement Wednesday, the economy ministry stated that the country was on track for a 2.9% contraction this fiscal year and that September’s slump was due in part to a higher base effect than the same month last fiscal year.

— Reuters

The Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry calls on Russia to increase sanctions against state media

The English-language Russian news site RT “is for a western audience, and so what what’s being shown on RT is not what’s being told in Russia,”Jeremiah Fowler from Security Discovery.

Getty Images| AFP | Getty Images

The International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists was declared by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We call on the international community to introduce and expand sanctions against Russian state media that spread false information, including to justify Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine,”In a statement, the ministry stated.

“The invasion of Russian troops became a new record of brutal repression against representatives of the regional media: hundreds of media in the temporarily occupied territories were forced to stop their work due to threats and impossibility of carrying out journalistic activities under the conditions of temporary occupation,”The ministry stated.

According to data from Institute of Mass Information in Ukraine, Russia has committed 457 crimes in Ukraine against journalists and media over the eight months following the start of the full-scale invasion.

“We also express our gratitude to thousands of Ukrainian and international journalists who, often risking their own lives, tell the world the truth about the war in Ukraine,”The ministry stated.

— Rocio Fabbro

Putin confirms the resumption and potential withdrawal of Russia’s Black Sea Grain Initiative

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a press conference after the Commonwealth of Independent States summit in Astana (Kazakhstan), October 14, 2022.

Ramil Sitdikov | Sputnik | via Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia had returned to the Black Sea Grain Initiative despite its efforts. “reserves the right to withdraw”If the Ukrainian guarantees are not met, the deal will be canceled.

Russia suspended its participation to the grain deal this weekend after claiming that a Ukrainian drone attacked its Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. Ukraine did not claim responsibility for this attack, but some Ukrainian officials blamed Russian soldiers’ mishandling of their weapons.

“We demanded assurances and guarantees from the Ukrainian side that nothing like this will happen in the future,”Putin spoke in a meeting with permanent members the Russian Security Council.

“I have given instructions to the Ministry of Defense to resume our full participation in this work,”He concluded. “At the same time, Russia reserves the right to withdraw from these agreements if these guarantees are violated by Ukraine.”

Russia relied on its Black Sea Fleet to launch missiles deep into Ukraine in the early stages of the war. But the fleet was forced back to defensive positions after a series harrowing attacks by Ukrainian forces this spring.

Analysts noted that Russia had already begun to lay the groundwork for a withdrawal from the agreement, prior to last weekend’s drone attack. However, this was before Russia reversed course this week.

The grain is vital for feeding people in some of world’s poorest nations. A return to full blockade could have led to famine in Asia and in the Middle East.

Putin also promised to deliver the “entire volume”Delivery of grain from Ukraine to the poorest nations “free of charge,”If Russia withdraws from this agreement in the future.

— Rocio Fabbro

Kremlin insists Russia respects international commitments for responsible nuke powers

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the supervisory boards for the presidential forum “Russia – Land of Opportunity”April 20, 2022 at the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Mikhail Tereshchenko | Sputnik | via Reuters

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kremlin has published a new statementRefusing to accept a New York Times reportRussian generals discussed the possibility of Moscow using a tactical nuclear weapon against Ukraine.

“Russia is strictly and consistently guided by the tenet that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought,”The statement was English translationVisit the ministry’s website.

The Times cited unnamed U.S. intelligence officers and reported that intelligence community members were aware of the alarming conversations in mid October.

According to the Kremlin, it was committed to the 5-nation pledge that was made in January of this Year. This pledge stated in part that “None of our nuclear weapons are targeted at each other or at any other State.”

John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, answered questions about the new statement. “we are watching this the best we can.”

Provocative statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as the perception of desperation in Moscow about Russia’s inability in Ukraine to make progress on the battlefield have fueled growing concerns about the deployment of a Russian nuke weapon.

Christina Wilkie

White House: North Korea to supply Russia weapons to wage war in Ukraine

John Kirby, White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator, addresses the daily news briefing at the White House in Washington on July 27, 2022.

Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, stated that there are indications that North Korea has offered to supply Russian President Vladimir Putin weapons for his war against Ukraine.

“We don’t believe that this will change the course of the war,”Kirby said that the U.S. was still a great country and added that it was a pleasure to be in their company. “concerned”These additional weapons can be shipped.

“It’s certainly not going to change our calculus,”Kirby added that the U.S. will continue to supply Kyiv additional security packages through its allies.

Kirby declined details on any possible diplomatic or economic responses Washington might pursue if North Korea supplies weapons to Russia.

Kirby stated Tuesday that there were indications that the U.S. was also planning to send more drones and surface-to-surface missiles to Iran. Moscow relies heavily on Iranian-made drones to carry out numerous drone and missile strikes against civilian targets and critical infrastructure.

Russia and Iran are both in the same category. Reports are strongly denied that Tehran supplied Moscow with a fleet of drones for use in Ukraine and the Kremlin has repeatedly denied that it uses Iranian-made drones to target residential and other civilian areas.

— Amanda Macias

U.N. welcomes Russia’s return to the Black Sea Grain Initiative

A photograph taken in Istanbul on October 31, 2022 shows an unloaded cargo ship carrying grain. It is being inspected in the Anchorage Area of the Southern Entrance to the Bosphorus.

Getty Images| AFP | Getty Images

Antonio Guterres, U.N. Secretary General, welcomed Russia’s announcement of its renewed participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

Guterres “is grateful for the diplomatic efforts of Turkey, and thanks the U.N. Coordinator, Amir Abdulla, and his team for their work to keep this vital food supply line open,”Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for the U.N. Secretary-General, said so.

Dujarric said that the Secretary General “continues his engagement with all actors towards the renewal and full implementation”The deal.

The Black Sea Grain InitiativeThe July deal, which was brokered by Russia, Turkey, and the United Nations, allowed Russia to ease its naval blockade and helped Ukraine reopen three of its most important ports.

The first vessel, carrying more than 26,000 tonnes of corn, left Ukraine’s Odesa port on Aug. 1. More than 400 ships carrying food products have left Ukraine’s ports since then.

Saturday Moscow has suspended its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative in what it said was retaliation for Kyiv’s “act of terrorism”In firing on Russian warships.

— Amanda Macias

New York City premieres a film about Russia’s seizure Mariupol

A screening of documentary film “Mariupol, unlost hope”New York, New York, November 1, 2022

Amanda Macias | CNBC

New York City was the first American debut of a documentary film about Russia’s brutal attack against Mariupol, a seaside town.

The film is entitled “Mariupol, Unlost Hope,”This book tells the stories five Ukrainian residents who lived in Mariupol at the time Russia seized the industrial port.

“Three women and two men, who had been living in Mariupol during the first month of the invasion, tell what they have seen and felt, how they have made decisions inside of a war,”The film’s producers wrote the script.

Mariupol, which is still in Russian occupation, has been described as a “remarkable city.” “city of graves”Due to intense fighting, and indiscriminate assaults on civilian infrastructure.

Proceeds from the event will be used for further screenings of documentaries on the situation in Ukraine.

— Amanda Macias

UN calls Ukraine’s refugee crisis the “largest human displacement crisis in history”

As they arrive in Madrid, a taxi driver holds a child from Ukraine in his arms as he takes him to his taxi. A convoy travelled from Madrid across the border to Poland-Ukrainian, carrying humanitarian aid. They also brought back families from Ukraine fleeing Russia’s invasion. They will be staying at the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation when they arrive.

Marcos Del Mazo | Lightrocket | Getty Images

More than 7.7 millions Ukrainians have become refugees and moved to neighboring countries since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, the UN Refugee Agency estimates.

According to UN Refugee Agency data, more than 4.4 Million have applied for temporary status within European countries.

“The international armed conflict in Ukraine has led to the largest human displacement crisis in the world today,” The UN Refugee Agency submitted a report.

— Amanda Macias

Ukrainians light candles to remember those who died in Russia’s war.

At the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv, lit candles, lamps, flowers and flags can be seen at the graves and monuments to the fallen soldiers of Ukraine during the war with Russia. 

Lightrocket | Lightrocket | Getty Images

To mark All Saints’ Day, people light candles near the graves and burials of Ukrainians at the Lychakiv Cemetery.

Also known as All Hallows’ Day or the Feast of All Saints, the solemn holy day in the Christian church commemorates all the saints of the church.

Below are photos of Ukrainians visiting graves of friends, relatives, and soldiers who died in the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

Lit candles, lamps and flowers are placed at the graves for the Ukrainian soldiers who were killed in the war against Russia during All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day at Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv. 

Lightrocket | Lightrocket | Getty Images

Lit candles, lamps and flowers are placed at the graves for the Ukrainian soldiers who were killed in the war against Russia during All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day at Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv. 

Lightrocket | Lightrocket | Getty Images

At the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv, lit candles, lamps, flowers and flags can be seen at the graves and monuments to the fallen soldiers of Ukraine during the war with Russia. 

Lightrocket | Lightrocket | Getty Images

Lit candles, lamps, flowers and flags can be seen at the graves at the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv, where you will find lit candles, lamps, bulbs, flowers and flags of the Ukrainian soldiers that died in the conflict with Russia. 

Lightrocket | Lightrocket | Getty Images

— Mykola Tys | Lightrocket | Getty Images

Russian ‘blackmail” fails in grain deal, Ukrainian presidential assistant

A senior Ukrainian official stated that Russia has resumed participation in a deal to allow Ukraine to export grain without the Kremlin involvement.

Mykhailo Podolyak, presidential adviser, stated in a written statement to Reuters: Moscow’s decision was a sign that Russia is open to negotiations. “blackmail” “escalation and threats”Failure occurs when they are met with a firm response.

“One way or another, Russia, embarrassed, returned to the ‘grain initiative’ because it suddenly turned out that the grain corridor would work even without the Kremlin’s participation,” Podolyak said.

“This says only one thing: Russia is always inferior to those who are stronger, those who know how to take a blow, those who argue their position strongly.”

— Reuters

The UK sanctions four Russian steel and oil tycoons

The British government said Wednesday that it had sanctioned four Russian steel and petrochemical oligarchs who had enabled Putin to mobilize Russian industries to support his military effort.

Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov were among those sanctioned for their involvement in the extractive, transport, and construction sectors, Wednesday’s statement by the U.K.

Roman Abramovich, a business associate of the oligarch Roman Abramovich, and former owners of large stakes at Russian steelmaker Evraz are both known to be the pair.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R), shakes hands in 2017 with Alexander Abramov (L), a businessman and former CEO of Evraz.

Getty Images News | Getty Images News | Getty Images

Abramov and Frolov are thought to have an estimated global net worth of £4.1 billion ($4.7 billion) and £1.7 billion respectively, and are reported to have U.K. property investments worth an estimated £100 million.

James Cleverly, U.K. Foreign Secretary, stated in a statement that “Putin continues to rely on his cabal of selected elite to maintain control of his industrial complex and fuel his illegal invasion of Ukraine. Today we are sanctioning an additional four oligarchs who rely on Putin for their positions of authority and in turn fund his military machine,”He said.

“By targeting these individuals, we are ramping up the economic pressure on Putin and will continue to do so until Ukraine prevails.”

The other two oligarchs that were sanctioned were Airat Shaimiev, who has an estimated global net worth of £902 million, and Albert Shigabutdinov, who has an estimated global net worth of £977 million. 

All four men now face travel bans, asset freezes, and transport sanctions.

— Holly Ellyatt

Russia resumes participation in Ukraine’s grain export deal

Russia announced that it will continue its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, a deal with Ukraine to allow vital agricultural exports from the country. Russia claimed that it had received assurances that Ukraine would not use the humanitarian maritime corridor to support military purposes.

Russia had pulled out of the deal, which was mediated by Turkey and the U.N. in July. It was seen as helping to alleviate global food shortages.

Russia’s Defense Ministry released a statement Wednesday.That “thanks to the participation of an international organization, as well as the assistance of Turkey, it was possible to obtain the necessary written guarantees from Ukraine on the non-use of the humanitarian corridor and Ukrainian ports designated for the export of agricultural products for conducting military operations against the Russian Federation.”

Russia stated that “the Ukrainian side officially assured that the maritime humanitarian corridor will be used only in accordance with the provisions of the Black Sea Initiative.”

“The Russian Federation considers that the guarantees received at the moment seem sufficient and resumes the implementation of the agreement – the Initiative for the safe transportation of grain and food from the ports of Ukraine (the “Black Sea Initiative”), suspended after the terrorist attack in Sevastopol,”It said.

— Holly Ellyatt

Wagner Group owner tries ‘burnish’ his reputation, UK says

Yevgeny Privozhin, a Russian businessman who is close to Vladimir Putin. He has recently admitted to having created the Wagner Group, a private military organization fighting in Ukraine in 2014.

Mikhail Svetlov | Getty Images

According to Britain’s Defense Ministry Yevgeny Privozhin, the Russian Wagner Group private military firm owner, has been less secretive about his connection to the paramilitary state-linked group. “burnish”His credibility in the Russian national security system.

“In the last two months, Prigozhin has abandoned any pretence that he is not associated with Wagner and has been more explicit in his public statements. He is likely trying to burnish his credibility within the stressed Russian national security system,”The ministry According to an intelligence update posted on Twitter.

However, the ministry noted that Wagner forces were moving slower than Russian military doctrine anticipated. On Oct. 23, Prigozhin claimed that Wagner forces were making advances at 100-200m per hour. “normal in modern warfare.”

“According to their military doctrine, Russian forces plan to advance 30km or more per day in most conditions,”The ministry stated.

Ukraine claims that it has “eliminated” 800 Russian soldiers in the past day

Analysts say that Russian forces in Ukraine have suffered far more casualties than Moscow expected. After a Russian vehicle was destroyed on March 3, 2022 by Ukrainian forces, this image shows that Ukrainian soldiers are salvaging equipment from the corpse of a deceased soldier.

Marcus Yam | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

The Ukrainian armed forces announced Wednesday that 800 Russian troops had been eliminated in Ukraine within the last 24 hour. This brings Russia’s total personnel losses to 73,270 according to Ukraine’s count.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reportedOn Wednesday, they announced on Facebook that they had destroyed 16 more Russian tank (bringing the total to 2,714) and 24 more armored combat vehicle as well as a helicopter as well as other weapons systems.

After Russian Forces pulled out of Balakliia, a Soviet military tank was seen. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues on September 15, 2022, in Balakliia Kharkiv Oblast.

Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

The number of Russian troops who died in the conflict that began in February is a matter of dispute. Russia has not released any information on the number of deaths among its forces. For example, the U.K. stated in September that it believed that over 25,000 Russian troops had been killed (although this number rose to approximately 80,000 when captured or wounded troops were added). According to Russia’s defense ministry, 5,937 soldiers were killed in September.

According to the Ukrainian armed forces, Russian troops have suffered the greatest losses in the Avdiivka-Lyman areas. CNBC was unable to verify the accuracy.

— Holly Ellyatt

The ministry reports that Ukraine has seen a drop in grain exports of around 32% this season.

The country’s grain exports have fallen year-on-year in the 2022/23 season to just 13.4 million tonnes, compared to 19.7 million tonnes a season earlier. This was according to data from the ministry of agriculture on Wednesday.

Since February’s Russian invasion, the country’s grain exports have fallen. The closing of its Black Sea ports has driven up global food prices and raised concerns about shortages in Africa.

A photograph taken in Istanbul on October 31, 2022 shows an unloaded cargo ship carrying grain. It is being inspected in the Anchorage Area of the Southern Entrance to the Bosphorus.

Getty Images| AFP | Getty Images

Three ports in the Black Sea were unblocked by a deal between Moscow & Kyiv, which was brokered by the United Nations & Turkey. Despite Russia’s decision not to participate in the agreement, shipments continue.

Ministry data showed that exports in the July 2022-June 2023 season included 5.1 Million tonnes of wheat, 7.1 million tonnes corn and 1.1 Million tonnes of barley.

According to the government, Ukraine could harvest between 50 and 52 million tonnes of grains this year. This is down from the record 86 million tonnes in 2021.

— Reuters

Zelenskyy believes that the grain corridor must be protected

On 7 August 2022, farmers were seen harvesting wheat in Druzhkivka (Ukraine)

Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, stated that the “grain corridor” — a humanitarian maritime route set up to allow vital agricultural exports to leave Ukraine — needs to be defended.

“The grain corridor needs reliable and long-term protection,”In his Tuesday nightly address, the president stated these words.

“Russia should clearly know that it will receive a tough response from the world to any steps that disrupt our food exports. This is literally a matter of life for tens of millions of people,”He pointed out.

After the U.N. and Turkey brokered an agreement between Russia and Ukraine in July, the grain corridor was created to allow exports of corn, wheat, and rapeseeds (of which Ukraine is a large producer) to leave the country via Black Sea.

Russia withdrew its support for the deal last weekend. However, Ukraine accused Russia of using the maritime corridor to attack infrastructure and its Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea, which it annexed back in 2014.

Ukraine denies using the corridor to conduct such activities and has not claimed responsibility for the attack. It has also accused Russia of undermining September’s deal. The U.N. has urged Russia to reopen the deal, warning that it could increase global food prices and worsen food shortages in Asia and Africa.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to his Turkish counterpart Tuesday, saying that Moscow could be open to renegotiating the deal. This was to happen if an investigation into the drone attacks is conducted.

The U.N., Turkey, and Ukraine have all agreed to not plan for any movement of ships under the grain initiative starting Wednesday.

— Holly Ellyatt

Ukraine’s first lady pleads for tech community

Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska smiles during a standing ovation following Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenski’s address via a video during the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York City, September 21, 2022.

Mike Segar | Reuters

Olena Zelenska was the First Lady of Ukraine and made a passionate plea Tuesday to the global technology community for help in fighting Russia’s invasion.

Zelenska, who spoke at the Web Summit in Lisbon, stated that technology is now a fundamental part of everyday life. “battlefield”In the Russian war on Ukraine. Russia “puts technology at the service of terror,”She said.

“Technology has in many ways brought us closer together through social media and messenger apps,” Zelenska said Tuesday evening.

“But imagine, all of a sudden a social media account stops getting updated, the person running it no longer responds to messages. And then you see their black and white photos and you know the unthinkable has happened. During this month, thousands of Ukrainian social media accounts will never be updated again. Those people are gone.”

She urged tech entrepreneurs and investors to invest and donate to the Olena Zelenska Foundation and Ukraine’s science and tech sectors. The foundation was launched in September and aims to rebuild Ukrainian schools and hospitals that were damaged in the war. Children “should be flying to Mars, not running to their basements”Zelenska stated that you can flee Russian shelling from war shelters.

“You are the force that moves the world,”She said. “You have the potential and technologies that can help, not destroy; by helping Ukraine, you can move the world in the right direction.”

Before Zelenska was scheduled to speak, Paddy Cosgrave (founder of Web Summit) launched an attack against Ireland’s government over Russia. He claimed it has allowed certain Russian agents to avoid being sanctioned.

“The Irish government has for years lobbied both Brussels and the White House so that certain Russian oligarchs might be exempted from both U.S. and EU sanctions,”Cosgrave, an Irish critic, spoke onstage at Web Summit.

“My message is simple, how can Ireland help Ukraine stop bankrolling Russian oligarchs?”He concluded.

Ireland, on the other hand, has joined the European Union to impose strict sanctions against Moscow.

— Ryan Browne

Macron condemns Russia for suspending the Black Sea Grain Initiative and vows that Ukraine will receive more air defense system.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President. “denounced a unilateral decision by Russia”to cease participation in the  Black Sea Grain Initiative.

Macron accused Russia, of weaponizing global food supply by ending its cooperation in the U.N.-backed arrangement that led to the reopening at three key Ukrainian ports.

Macron also confirmed to Zelenskyy, that France is fully mobilized “to increase our military support for Ukraine as soon as possible, in particular anti-aircraft defense.”

Macron also stated that France was ready to assist Ukraine with its electrical infrastructure, which has been severely damaged by Russian attacks.

“Action is needed before winter. We shall swiftly mobilize both the international community and the private sector,”Twitter: Macron added Macron

— Amanda Macias

According to Ukraine, Russia has’seriously destroyed 40%’ of its energy infrastructure

A Russian missile attack destroyed a power substation in Kharkiv, north east Ukraine.

Getty Images| Future Publishing | Getty Images

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine He stated that 40% of the country’s entire energy infrastructure was severely damaged.Russian missile and drone strikes

Moscow has launched numerous devastating drone and missile strikes against what Ukraine claimed were civilian targets and critical infrastructure like energy facilities.

Russia and Iran are both in the same category. Reports are strongly denied that Tehran supplied Moscow with a fleet of drones for the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine. The Kremlin repeatedly denied that it used drones made in Iran to attack residential areas and other high-civil areas.

— Amanda Macias

White House concerns that Iran may send more surface-to–surface missiles and drones towards Russia to support its war in Ukraine

John Kirby, White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator, addresses the daily news briefing at the White House in Washington on July 27, 2022.

Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

The White House is concerned about Iran’s plans to send more drones to Russia, as well as surface missiles to its war in Ukraine.

“We are looking at a range of options here, as we have said clearly we said it last week, this is obviously a violation of U.N. resolution 2231,”John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, spoke to reporters during a conference call. The U.N. resolution approved the Iran nuclear agreement.

“Let’s not forget at its core, this is a regime in Tehran that is openly and willingly making themselves an accomplice to the murder of Ukrainians,”Kirby also added.

The resolution prohibits the transfer “of all items, materials, equipments and goods and technology”Unless the U.N. Security Council approves it in advance, Iran can be moved to another nation.

Kirby declined details on possible economic or diplomatic actions Washington would take.

Moscow has launched numerous devastating drone and missile strikes against what Ukraine claimed were civilian targets and critical infrastructure like energy facilities.

The United Nations has Iran and Russia represented at the meeting. Reports are strongly denied that Tehran supplied Moscow with a fleet of drones for use in Ukraine. The Kremlin has denied repeatedly that it uses drones manufactured in Iran to target civilians and residential areas.

— Amanda Macias

Under the Black Sea Grain Initiative no ships will be sailing Wednesday

On July 29, 2022, a port in Odesa, Ukraine. After Turkey and the United Nations reached an agreement between Russia and Ukraine to allow for the resumption key exports, such as grain, fertilizer and other commodities, the first shipment of grain from Ukraine in months.

Getty Images| The Washington Post | Getty Images

The organization that oversees the export of Ukrainian agricultural products stated that no vessels will be passing through the Black Sea Grain Initiative Wednesday.

The Ukrainian, Turkish and United Nations delegations “agreed not to plan any movement of vessels” due to Russia’s decision to withdraw from the program.

The Black Sea Grain InitiativeThe July deal, which was brokered by Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Nations, allowed Russia to ease its naval blockade. This led to the reopening and reopening at least three key Ukrainian ports.

Amir Abdulla, U.N. The Coordinator of the Black Sea Grain Initiative stated that he is working closely with all signatories to resume full membership.

— Amanda Macias

Check out the archived live coverage from CNBC:

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