Las Vegas Raiders Shrink WR Corps, Move On From Bryan Edwards

Teams are constantly moving around the clock during the offseason. The Las Vegas Raiders have joined the action by joining the fray. TradeBryan Edwards, a former third-round selection, to the Atlanta Falcons. He was packaged in a trade that included a seventh-round pick in next year’s draft in exchange for Atlanta’s fifth-round choice next year.

Bryan Edwards’ time with the Las Vegas Raiders

It’s Bryan Edwards and a seventh-round pick to Falcons for a fifth-round pick.

He had many memorable moments during his two years on the squad. One of them was a crucial catch against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football. He ended the season with 34 receptions of 571 yards and three. Landings. Edwards slowly tried to move up in his position, but he was also one of Derek Carr’s favorite targets.

Edwards now adds more infamy to the Raiders’ 2020 draft class. This group of once promising players, drafted Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden is almost gone. John Simpson and Amik Robson are the only exceptions. If nothing else, Edwards’ trade will serve as a reminder of the previous regime’s failures.

Could the recent SigningKeelan Cole could have signaled that Edwards’ time in Silver and Black was over. Many Raiders fans believed Edwards would finally break out in Year 3. Unfortunately, he is now in Atlanta playing with his old teammates, Casey Hayward as well as Marcus Mariota. Edwards was always viewed as a player with great potential and upside. Gruden misguidedly used him. Edwards did have some memorable moments during his tenure. However, it was obvious that Edwards would be buried in a group that now includes Hunter Renfrow and Davante Adam.

McDaniels & Ziegler want “their guys”Get a chance

It appears that Josh McDaniels, the head coach, and Dave Ziegler, the general manager, are doing a thorough job cleaning up the place. They believe they are making the best moves for the team to win now and in the future. Edwards It will be missed, there’s no doubt that the Raiders wish him well in his career.

This offseason is more interesting because the team is currently being reconstructed.

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