Las Vegas Raiders match Carl Nassib’s $100k donation to Trevor Project

The Las Vegas Raiders have donated $100,000 towards The Trevor Project to match the contribution made in 2021 by defenseman Carl Nassib.

Nassib announced that he was the first openly homosexual active player in the NFL. He immediately added that he would be joining forces the Trevor Project, which is a suicide prevention charity for LGBTQ+ teens.

The Raiders stood by Nassib right from the beginning and announced their donation Tuesday to the Trevor Project.

“The Raiders are proud to match Carl’s generous donation to support the Trevor Project and the important work this organization is doing to serve the LGBTQ community,”Raiders president Dan Ventrelle stated in a statement that the team is committed to achieving their goals. Outsports.

“Diversity, equality, and inclusion are core values of the Las Vegas Raiders, and we appreciate the effort that both Carl and the Trevor Project have put toward advancing these principles.”

Transforming the NFL and sports with LGBTQ+ representation.

Carl Nassib’s courage story was shared last Year and we stand by him to match his $100,000 donation towards The @TrevorProject. For more information, visit

— Las Vegas Raiders (@Raiders) March 1, 2022

Nassib responded to the Raiders’ post with one of his own, addressing team owner Mark Davis: “Enormous thank you to Mr. Davis. He and the Raiders organization have supported me every step of the way and now he has truly outdone himself. Thank you!”

In the video posted by the Raiders, Nassib, who is free agent this offseason, again reiterated that his intention in coming out publicly was to help young people who might not have the same support he has had.

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Nassib said: “I had wanted to do it [come out] for a really long time. I wanted to be in a place where I felt totally comfortable, totally confident to give a voice to people who really needed it the most.

“I was with my friends and family and it definitely was a stressful thing to do, but we were really excited to spread the message of the Trevor Project to bring visibility and representation to the NFL, to sports, and we did it for the youth, for the kids who are struggling the most.

“That’s who I’m most passionate about and to be able to say I helped them is absolutely incredible.”

The Raiders are not the first organisation to match Nassib’s contribution to the charity, with the NFL matching the $100,000 that same week in June last year.

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