LAIR Trailer Reveals a New Twist on the Classic Haunting Horror

The film starring Oded Fischer and Corey Johnson will be available On-Digital and VOD starting November 9.


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1091 Pictures has released the trailer and poster for their first trailer. LAIRCollider gives you an exclusive look at director’s feature debut. Adam Ethan CrowIt promises a new twist to the classic haunted terror flick. LAIR, which had its World Premiere on FrightFest and was screened at Salem Horror Fest in October, will be available On-Digital and VOD starting November 9.

The Mummy Co-stars Oded FehrAnd Corey JohnsonThis indie film, shot on a small budget, features a reunion of the cast. It offers more than just a taste for supernatural horror. Steven Caramore, played by Johnson, investigates Ben Dollarhdye’s murder claims, claiming that he was demon-possessed. This sets off a series of events that force a young family into an unstoppable struggle for survival.

“I’ve made a few short films; however, this is my very first feature film,”Crow made the statement in a statement. “It is also my partner, Shelley Atkin’s, first time producing a movie. With only an inkling of what to expect, we were ready to embrace the madness.”Lair was not a horror movie to me as a director. I approached it as someone who wanted to tell a story the best way. Many great genre movies share a similar feeling. Lair should have a European feel, similar to films like The Tenant or The Orphanage. Lair could be described as a thriller that ends in a horror movie.


Image via 1091 Pictures

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LAIR, completed in January during the pandemic was Crow’s feature directorial debut. It follows a series award-winning and celebrated short films. Ex-Fox Vice President, Crow produced the film. Shelley AtkinWith an original score by Mario Grigorov(Fantastic Beasts) SFX and Emmy-winning and Oscar nominated SFX Tristan Versluis. Johnson and Fehr also star in the film. Alexandra Gilbreath (Becoming Elizabeth), Sean Buchanan (Mary Queen, Scots) Aislinn De’ath? Kashif O’Connor, and newcomers Anya NewallAnd Alana Wallace.

Lair will be available on-digital and VOD November 9. You can see the trailer and poster below and preorder the film by clicking the link.


Image via 1091 Pictures

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