KFC customer sparks outrage after revealed that MSG is main ingredient in Colonel Sanders’ chicken seasoning

A KFC customer’s unbelievable discovery on a packet of KFC seasoning has prompted an intense backlash on social media.

A New Zealand woman posted a photo of herself on a Facebook group. “Colonel Sanders’ Recipe”Seasoning pouch that clearly states it is “exclusively for use in the KFC system”.

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A closer inspection of the packet reveals that Monosodium Glutamate (also known as MSG) is the main ingredient of the famous seasoning. “Herbs and Spices, Salt and Garlic Powder”.

MSG is a controversial food addition that is generally considered safe for consumption.

However, some critics claim that the ingredient can cause headaches, sweating, and bloating.

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This photo was shared by a Facebook user. Credit: Aotearoa Ka Gatherers/Facebook

KFC customer who made the discovery expressed her dissatisfaction on social media.

“It’s like salt on crack,”She wrote about the Aotearoa Kai Gatherers Facebook group.

Her post sparked a heated response, with many surprised to see MSG in KFC seasonings.

“Yuck, no wonder I always feel sick afterwards,”One Facebook user replied.

Other people also said they believed the controversial ingredient had already been banned.

Many others believed MSG was okay to consume in moderation. It could be used in many different dishes.

“I’m certain that MSG has never been banned, and all the myths surrounding it (being) bad for you have been disproven,”One.

Another one: “I’ve read a few articles on MSG or Chinese restaurant syndrome. It was mainly an attack on ethnic communities by some who were just being racist!

“It’s OK in moderation! Umami seasoning is the same thing.”

KFC confirmed that it uses MSG via its website.

“Some of our food does contain MSG but rest assured, it’s only present at levels that are safe for the general population,”The website states that the fast food giant is available.

“It’s a recognised flavour enhancer that also occurs naturally in foods such as meat, fish, milk, vegetables, fruits and cheese.”

A file image of KFC’s famous chicken. Credit: Via New Idea Food

7NEWS.com.au reached KFC for comment.

Food safety authority Food Standards Australia New Zealand has confirmed MSG is safe to eat.

“Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) reviewed the safety of MSG in 2003 concluding ‘there is no convincing evidence that MSG is a significant factor in causing systemic reactions resulting in severe illness or mortality’,”It is stated on its website.

“In Australia and New Zealand, no food additive – including MSG – is approved for use in food until its safety has been established by FSANZ.

“MSG and other glutamates are among a group of food additives that are generally permitted in foods, due to their safety.”

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