Kailyn Lowry: Javi Marroquin Dumped Me and Got Back With Lauren Comeau!

In the recent season of Teen Mom 2, he complains that the drama that originally caused the sensation on television is completely lacking in programming.

Kairin Raleigh is particularly frustrated by this because her life is full with crazy twists, turns and turns. But she works with producers so they don’t see it on television.

Consider Kale’s relationship with Habimalokin, his father for his second child. In recent months, Habimalokin’s relationship with Kale has become more complicated.

Madness began when Raleigh claimed that Raleigh tried to have sex in a parking lot of a gas station with Malokin.

The accusation appeared in an episode of Teen Mom 2, and it goes without saying that Javi’s fiancée, Lauren Comeau, wasn’t happy.

Lauren abandoned Jabi, but this time she seemed determined to stand her ground.

(Of course, she wasn’t the first time Caught Jabi’s affair And abandoned him, but fans wanted it to be the last. )

Jabi appeared very upset at first and even made a series YouTube videos asking Lauren for help.

Habi blamed Kale repeatedly for showing his dirty clothes on television during this online apology tour.

“Similarly, he can read. I’m beyond this s ** t guy. My son can read …”

Kairin & Habi 2021

“I feel sick of the sh-t that’s happening,” Javi agreed.

“That’s whatever, Lauren is the mother of my son. Lincoln sees Lauren every week at Eli’s sporting event. Lincoln is what his mom says in all these articles that come out. Because I don’t look at Lauren. Similarly, this s ** t is over. Lauren is not this type of person, for example, it’s over. ”

It was quite surprising that Jabi not only overcame Lauren quickly but also began to feel a connection with Kale.

2021 Habi Marokin and Kairin Raleigh

Yes, there is still debate Raleigh and Malokin “officially” returned togetherBut they were definitely more than profitable friends.

Kale bought Jabi a new car, and she seemed to be closely following his movements on a regular basis.

Sure, it doesn’t sound like a “stringless” arrangement.

Kairin and Habi

Kale may have fantasized about forming the traditional nuclear family he had always longed for at times.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t intended to be that way.

Kale and Habi are no longer together-even if they were really “together” in the first place-and she hinted that he was back with Lauren this week.

Marriage of Kale and Habi

As a summary of Ashley’s reality Point out Kail created TikTok over the weekend and revealed that one of her exes decided to “go back to the one who continues to cheat.”

Not only could that description be easily applied to Javi and Lauren, Kaily wouldn’t have been so upset if one of the other exes wasn’t on the market.

Javi and Lauren now have a second chance at their relationship, despite some major obstacles.

Habi Marokin and Lauren Como

In addition to many allegations of misconduct, Javi called Lauren’s police officer in July, claiming she had attacked him.

Well, we all want what our hearts desire, regardless of logic.

I hope Kail will at minimum stop buying new Javi vehicles!

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