Kailyn Lowry Announces She’s Leaving Teen Mom 2

Kailyn Lowry revealed at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion that she is leaving after 11 years on the show because she feels it is time for her to do her thing.

The most recent Teen  Mom 2Kailyn Lowry announced her departure from the show. Kailyn first joined the reality TV world in 2010 as a cast member on 16 & Pregnant. A year later, she joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, and viewers were able to follow how she embraced motherhood. During the series, viewers were introduced to her children Issac Rios, Lincoln Marroquin and Lux Lowry. Fans also saw her struggles with romantic relationships and motherhood. Jo Riveria, Javi Marquin, and Chris Lopez are her most notable relationships. They are the ones she shares her children.


The reality star has had many memorable moments and feuds, but the most surprising was her time with Leah Messer. Both starred on 16 & Pregnant, and then transitioned to Teen Mom 2. Kailyn and Leah were best friends. People even started to suspect that they were actually dating. After Leah became friends with Brianna DeJesus (who had an intimate relationship to Kailyn’s ex husband, Javi Morroquin), the friendship began to fall apart. Kailyn was not pleased with Leah’s new friendship and ended their friendship.

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Kailyn announced her departure from Teen Mom after donating 11 years of her life for the spin-off. During the series’ reunion that aired on May 24, she told co-hosts Nessa Diab and Dr. Drew Pinsky that she needs to leave the show. “I think I need to move on. I think I need to do my own thing. I think this needs to be my farewell. I think I’m ready,”Kailyn. Kailyn spoke exclusively to E! News and revealed that she is leaving the show because she wants to “focus on my self-growth and my kids and I didn’t feel like the show aligned with the goals that I have anymore.”She also revealed that she is currently in a new relationship but did not give too many details about her new boyfriend. However, she shared with E! News that her new partner is very supportive of her life choices, and she joked about potentially returning to reality TV if she is given her own show that focuses on her relationship.

I’m sad that Kailyn is no longer on teen mom two. I will miss her voice and the sweet voices of her kids. I will be turning off the TV now for the next few minutes because I don’t want to listen to Brianna‘s voice or Chris. Those two are despicable. #TeenMom2

— Jessica (@jess_Jay_Josh) May 25, 2022

Kali never takes responsibility. I’m glad to see her go. She is always the victim. #teenmom2

— Heyyyy Yall Heyyyyy💜 (@heyyyallheyyy) May 25, 2022

Twitter users responded to Kailyn’s announcement. While some users expressed support for Kailyn, others expressed gratitude that she was leaving the show. User @jess_Jay_Josh said, “I’m sad that Kailyn is no longer on teen mom two. I will miss her and the sweet voices of her children.”On the other hand, user @heyyyallheyyy said, “Kali never takes accountability. I’m glad to see her go. She is always the victim.”Rumours circulated that Kailyn might have been fired as well. It was reported that Kailyn believed she was going out of work after complaining about the constant questions from producers about her husband. She also said that she wasn’t as respected as other moms on the show, and that her podcasts make her more money. Producer Larry Musnik tried telling Kailyn that he was proud of her success, but her achievements have been a result of the show, which prompted her to show the producer her middle finger. Fans started to believe that she was going out of business.

Kailyn won’t be on any longer Teen Mom 2, fans will still be able to hear from her via her three podcasts: Barely Famous, Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley and Baby Mamas No Drama with Kail Lowry & Vee Rivera Podcast. She also uses Instagram Stories to share her thoughts and feelings. She recently posted a quote about healing from being the bad guy.

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