“It’s hard to watch, it’s terrible. It makes you so angry,” Parents plead for answers in Metairie hit-and-run

METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — “It’s hard to watch, it’s terrible. It makes you so angry,”

Tyler Wehrlin, 23, is fighting for his life after nearly being killed in a hit-and run accident.

“This is a strong, young 23-year-old boy and now he can’t even lift up his head barely and open his eyes,” said Rachel McMahan, Wehrlin’s mom.

Wehrlin’s parents say their son finished a date at Rock-n-Sake sushi restaurant last Thursday night in Old Metarie around 9 o’clock. 

They claim their son was crossing Metairie Road to reach his car when the accident occurred and he was left for dead.

“He kind of flung him up in the air, and then the force of the car pushed him into a telephone pole and that’s where he got his head trauma,” said James Wehrlin, Wehrlin’s dad.

Wehrlin was taken to a local hospital. A week later, Wehrlin is still in critical condition at University Medical Center. He sustained severe brain injuries.

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“You see your kid with tubes hanging out of his mouth, it’s heart breaking,”Wehrlin.

“When I saw him like that, I just wanted to fall to the ground and I had no strength in me. It was the worst thing you could ever see, and watching him struggle on a daily basis is so hard,”McMahan.

Police have not released video of the incident, but Wehrlin’s parents provided us with a picture of a white sedan that witnesses say hit Wehrlin.

Still, no arrests have been made, and Wehrlin’s family is pleading for the person responsible to come forward.

“Own up to it, I mean, if it was his kid, his family member, he would want that person to do the same thing,”Wehrlin.

Wehrlins parents say it could take a year for their son to recover, but add that they’re overwhelmed by the support they’ve received from the community. Rock-and-Sake will be hosting a benefit for their son and GoFundMe has been set-up to pay hospital costs.

If you would like to donate to Tyler’s recovery, go to https://bit.ly/3NzMzUk

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