Inzaghi Searching for Recipe for Solve Inter Issues

After Inter’s fourth season loss against Udinese, Simone Inzaghi was under fire. While it’s natural for the coach to face scrutiny in these situations, his connection with the management remains tight, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The boss isn’t worried about losing the job, but rather than worrying about the consequences, he is seeking out solutions. He’s supremely confident to have the full backing of the players, even though the early subs against Udinese weren’t taken kindly. He replaced Alessandro Bastoni, Henrikh Mckhitaryan after 30 mins to shake things up.

According to the outlet Inzaghi believes Inter will recover in October and fight hard in their Champions League group. Inzaghi will insist that Inter be more compact. The squad was too individualistic and frenetic when trying to escape difficult situations, which led to more problems. They have given up on standard situations.

Additionally, the NerazzurriThey were stuck between two versions. Last season’s one with Edin Dzeko, but sans Ivan Perisic, and the new one with Romelu Lukaku, which has a different style of play. However, his injury prevented the transition. They haven’t found a way to properly compensate for the lack of creativity. Moreover, Milan Skriniar hasn’t been up to his high standards after a taxing summer from a personal standpoint.

Our Take on Inter and Inzaghi

Lukaku’s return will likely put some things in order and elevate other roles. Giuseppe Marotta is known for being a strict coach. Unless things go horribly wrong, the manager will likely see the campaign through.

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