Inside the Far-right Podcast Ecosystem, Part 1: Building a Network of Hate

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The SPLC examined 18 shows with a variety of presentation and style. All models are modeled after, despite these superficial differences. “hot talk”Or “shock jock”Talk shows. These feature a rotating cast of hosts and guests, as opposed to the single-speaker format typified by other right-wing media, such as conservative radio broadcaster the late Rush Limbaugh’s show.

In addition, owing to the small size and insular nature of the community of far-right extremists, hosts often appear on each other’s podcasts. Sometimes, popular guests are asked to return as guests or as temporary hosts. Podcasts are sometimes associated with cross-promotional initiatives “networks”Promote related shows through shared discussion boards, central funding mechanisms and the like.

 The Right Stuff network

“The Daily Shoah” (TDS) began in 2014 with two hosts: former tech sector worker Mike Peinovich, who uses the alias “Mike Enoch,” and Jesse Dunstan, who goes by “Sven,” “Seventh Son” and several other aliases. TDS is the main flagship show forThe Right Stuff network. (Read more “The Daily Shoah”Part 3 of this report: “The Rise and Fall of” (*()“The Daily Shoah.”Another one of TRS’s most well-known shows,

Started in 2015 as an anti-semitic and racist response to the main Sunday morning TV talk shows such as “Fash the Nation,”Original hosts used the aliases “Face the Nation.” “Fash the Nation’s” “Jazzhands McFeels”It has been in various hands over the years. However, new hosts tend to be in pairs. The show features commentary on current news and guest appearances. The show is part of The Right Stuff’s network, although it also maintains its own website.“Marcus Halberstram,” joined TRS’s network in mid-2016. It focuses on racist conspiracies as well as paranormal activity. John Ramondetta, a host who goes by the name “John Ramondetta”, makes antisemitic conspiracy claims that Jewish people control the universe and that the United States is under a Zionist Occupied State (ZOG) and other racist and antisemitic lies.

“The Paranormies Present” “Johnny Monoxide.”

It is possible that the show began in early 2016. However, the first episode SPLC could locate using this dataset was aired in October 2016. The show’s hosts use the aliases “Exodus Americanus” “Roscoe Jones”There have been many co-hosts over the years. “Walrus Aurelius,”Refers to itself as “Exodus Americanus”Like “The Great American Houseboat.”It has its own website that hosts recordings of other programs.“Fash the Nation,” “Exodus Americanus”Premiered in spring 2017 with an episode titled

“Third Rail”The number 14 is a reference to the racist creed known as “Flight 1488.”88 is an alphanumeric number that can be used to refer to “The 14 Words,”The show has seen a rotating cast of hosts over the years, but Norman, a former journalist, is its core host. “Heil Hitler.” Like many of the podcasts on this list, “Third Rail”Garrison “Trey” “Spectre”Finally, there’s “Borzoi Boskovic.”

Which features Joseph Jordan as “Strike and Mike,”Mike Peinovich. The show was first introduced as “Eric Striker”Its debut in December 2017 The show, regardless of its billing, is blatantly racist and misogynist and antisemitic with episode titles like “the biggest brained content on the alt-right”? “Jazzy Jews!” “Theory of Semitivity” referring to Roberta Kaplan, lead plaintiff’s attorney in the lawsuit against the alleged conspirators who planned the “Kaplan America, C-ville Whore,”rally.“Unite the Right”The TRS network shares a website that listeners can access old episodes, comment and even join a discussion forum. Subscribers can also pay monthly donations to receive premium content.

Identity Dixie

The Identity Dixie network focuses primarily on neoconfederate programming. It was created as an offshoot group of TRS forum members called

It is smaller and more modern than TRS. Identity Dixie’s flagship show is “TRS Confederates,”Bret Lynn hosted the event (under the alias “Rebel Yell,”. The show also features a rotating cast, including Eric Field (under his alias “Musonius Rufus”( “Mencken’s Ghost”Russell Barry (under alias “Ryan McMahon”. “Fulwar Skipwith”In January 2016, the film was premiered.“Rebel Yell”It was a podcast that ran on the Identity Dixie network between 2017 and 2018. It claimed to be focused on

“Helicopter Mom”Most episodes of “women’s issues.”were hosted by a woman who used the alias “Helicopter Mom”A play about Julius Evola, the Italian fascist writer and theorist, with her co-hosts “Julia Evola,” “Rachel,” “Evelyn”(A play on the fascist view of the Hindu “Kelly U Gah”Or “Kaliyuga”. The show promoted a “Dark Age”Lifestyle. Each episode featured a recipe segment as well as a Bible segment, and advice on homesteading and child-rearing. While “trad wife” is a term typically applied to overprotective mothers, here it appears to refer to Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s infamous death flights, in which dissenters were dropped to their deaths from helicopters. The use of helicopter rides by the far right, such as the Proud Boys has become synonymous to using violence against people who are left-leaning and politically liberal. “Helicopter Mom”Dec 2018: Discontinued“Helicopter Mom”Another show that airs on the Identity Dixie network is “The Other Show”. Its hosts Tyler Thompson, Patrick Bishop, are well-known for taking long, frequent hiatuses. Since the 2017 launch, they have only produced 54 episodes.

“Good Morning Weimerica”The Identity Dixie network has a common website that includes download links for some social media channels. However, they don’t appear to share any funding mechanisms or have any publicly accessible discussion boards.

Independent shows

The remaining shows are either independent or part a much smaller network.

James Edwards, white nationalist, was the first to launch

It began in 2004 and is currently the longest-running show in this database. Though Edwards is the show’s main host, it has had a large contingent of cohosts and regular guests since its inception. “The Political Cesspool”It is unique in that it airs simultaneously on several terrestrial radio stations and broadcasts online. The hosts also occasionally take telephone calls from listeners. Still, the show’s format is like others in that it features racist and antisemitic commentary by hosts and guests as well as recurring segments.“The Political Cesspool”The podcast was short-lived and ran from 2016 to 2017. It was billed as a

“Mysterium Fasces”Its pseudonymous host “Christian Traditionalist podcast,”A combination of orthodox and esoteric religions could be used to support fascism. The last regular episode aired June 2018, and the final episode was released August 2019.“Florian Geyer”The English-language outreach podcast of the Swedish neoNazi political party, the Nordic Resistance Movement. It has been producing the show since January 2017. (The Finnish government banned Nordic Resistance Movement in 2017, a few weeks after members of the group’s branch in Sweden were sentenced to prison for three bombings in Göteborg, including one targeting a refugee center. Its members have carried out a variety attacks on activists in countries where NRM has been active.

“Nordic Frontier”This podcast is the only one that is international. It has three regular hosts, Andreas Johansson; Johan Svensson; and Michael Hovila. They each represent Sweden and Norway, respectively.  “Nordic Frontier”It has been through many iterations as a podcast. It started on ham radio and was then sporadically distributed via sound files. Finally, it became a podcast in 2017, originally called

“White Rabbit Radio”After nine episodes, the title was dropped and the show is now called “This Week in White Genocide.” Tim Murdock, the show’s host who uses the alias “White Rabbit Radio.” has claimed the title is a nod to Lewis Carroll’s “Horus the Avenger,”Murdock also stated that he believes that the white rabbit represents people of European descent and their genetic perfection. There is also an associated television show called “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”This service was launched in 2011 and requires a subscription. Murdock started to distribute in February 2019. “End-Game Exotica”As a livestreamed video-series. These video episodes can be accessed on Bitchute, a YouTube clone which has become a safe haven for white supremacist material. Murdock has also streamed this show on video-streaming sites such as DLive.“White Rabbit Radio”A weekly video podcast that was streamed on YouTube every week by a host with the alias

“GoyTalk”With co-hosts “Dino Spumoni,” “Paddocksperg,” “Peezy”(asterisks added). The show aired from May 2018 through December 2019. Many episodes featured special guests. Titles like “Arnel Schwarzen***a”A seven-part series. “ZOG bless America,” “Hoes Mad,” series indicate the show’s antisemitic, misogynist and racist content.“Blacked History Month”Ethan Ralph hosts the show with a long list special guests and co-hosts.

“Killstream,”Comedy show. The show is broadcast up to five times per week. The show was formerly streamed on Youtube but was removed after news media revealed that it was making a profit from racist content via Youtube. “free speech”feature. The show was then moved to DLive video livestreaming service, where Ralph continued to make substantial donations from fans until he had to be temporarily banned by the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.“SuperChats”This podcast is audio-only and hosted by pseudonymous

“The Cocktail Hour”Since fall 2018. Although the show does not have co-hosts at this time, it does feature guest appearances by many new and returning guests who comment on episodes with titles like “John Q. Publius” “The Delusions of Multi-Culturalism”Accelerationism is a white supremacist ideology that encourages terrorism to bring down modern society and replace it with a white ethnostate. “Infighting and Accelerationism.”Available on many podcast syndication services.“The Cocktail Hour”This streaming video series is hosted by Richard B. Spencer, National Policy Institute. The original broadcast of the show was on YouTube from March 2019 to March 2019. However, it has been removed from YouTube. Spencer has been streaming on, Entropy, and two

“McSpencer Group”streaming services. This is Part 2 of Richard Spencer’s series. “alt-tech”Finally, “Richard Spencer’s Origins in the Podcast Network.”

Shows itself as a show “Full Haus”Matthew Q. Gebert, who uses the alias “for white fathers, aspiring ones, and the whole biofam.” who SPLC’s publishing arm, Hatewatch, revealed to be a U.S. State Department employee. Michael McKevitt (using the alias “Coach Finstock,”A man going by “Potato Smasher,”Podcasts and their importance in the extreme right“Sam.”

To promote events, spread new ideas and network within and between ideologies, the extreme right has relied on its own media networks. (Part 4 of this series explains that the far right has used audio and visual technology for years to spread hate messages in the United States. Even though far-right extremist leaders welcomed some of the mainstream press’ attention to their movement in the early Trump era, insofar as it drew the movement into the limelight, these networks have persisted.

The TRS-hosted hosted pseudonymous host

“Having a media platform that is independent of the mainstream is important,” “Jazzhand McFeels,”Podcast, as heard on a September 2016 episode hosted by Red Ice TV and hosted by Radio 3Fourteen.“Fash the Nation”Far-right extremists have used podcasts in three ways. They are a powerful tool for radicalization and recruitment into extremist organizations. Podcasts are also an important bridge between online and on the ground organizing, particularly in the contexts of the deadly 2017

Charlottesville, Virginia: Extremists also use podcasts as a way to establish contacts abroad and to introduce their movements in other countries to leaders.“Unite the Right”Podcasts as a recruiting tool

Journalists and academics explored the existence and role of social media and the internet in radicalization to extremeism to help understand it.

effect – particularly in consuming video content on YouTube. These viewers are recommened to more extreme content if they start by watching mainstream content. In her groundbreaking YouTube study, Becca Lewis suggested that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm was in sync with what she called an “anonymous recommendation algorithm”. “rabbit hole” While members of this network may have adhered to a range of political ideologies, they nevertheless promoted each other’s work by making guest appearances on one another’s shows. Lewis explained that these appearances helped to promote each other’s work. “alternative influence network.”Because the podcasters in SPLC’s report have been deeply embedded in the white power movement for years, many of their listeners have already gone down this “influencers with mainstream audiences lend their credibility to openly white nationalist and other extremist content creators.”

Radicalization. However, forum posts viewed and analyzed by the SPLC referencing some of the podcasts in this report within the context of users’ own self-described radicalization narratives reveal that these shows help guide extremists as they move throughout the movement.“rabbit hole”The SPLC looked at radicalization narratives coming from two online communities. Iron March, a neo Nazi forum associated with terroristic power groups like the Atomwaffen Division, was active between 2011 and late 2017. Its members and moderators prided themselves on their fascist beliefs. Hatewatch reported that Iron March’s rigid, fascist worldview was exemplified by its pseudonymous founder in 2019.

It has been responsible for a string of terrorist attacks and murders as well as a variety of plots. The second, TRS’s 504um, now known as Bang, is an online white nationalist community populated largely by fans and paying subscribers of the TRS podcasting network.“Alexander Slavros,”Both communities represented two distinct poles of the white power movement. Iron March was a symbol of its violent, terroristic ambitions, and 504um was a symbol for its efforts to create a white ethnostate within the existing political system. For a time, some users retained membership at both sites, while members of each site’s core leadership engaged in dialogue on their respective podcasts and occasionally republished one another’s work. The two communities split after 8chan members, a far right image board popular among white supremacists as well as conspiracy theorists, exposed TRS leader Peinovich’s marriage to a Jewish woman.

and those groups, such as the Atomwaffen Division, that carried on the forum’s legacy of violence long after it disappeared from the web in fall 2017, expressed contempt for TRS and other factions of the alt-right. For “Slavros”The alt-right was represented “Slavros,”to the current political system, as he argued for it in the September 2017 text “appeasement”On TRS, the radicalization narratives examined in this report were derived from a series of threads – previously detailed in a 2018 SPLC publication – on 504um in March 2018, where 74 users explained what drew them to the white power movement. While TRS users’ radicalization narratives hinted at two common pathways to a white nationalist worldview – either through racist and misogynistic trolling culture on such sites as 4chan, or through exposure to more highbrow, pseudo-academic racism – 63% of users named podcasters and livestreamers as their most important influences. Users also explained that podcasts, including ones in the dataset behind this report, were their mechanism of choice for recruiting and radicalizing others – a process extremists often refer to as “Zero Tolerance.”

] … because it has great discussions and topics that are pro White and Pro Christian that many rightwingers can accept,” the user “redpilling.”

“I have introduced some friends to [“The Political Cesspool”On March 28, 2018, I wrote on 504um Later, a user using the handle was mentioned in the thread. “handsomejack”Red Ice is recommended for women who want to join the movement. “DinoCon”Red Ice hosts Red Ice also appeared on 19 different episodes. “LOTS of content explicitly for ladies.” “The Political Cesspool,” “White Rabbit Radio,” “Killstream”TRS podcasts were a source for entertainment that opened up some users to a new worldview and hatred. Others saw the TRS podcasts as a waystation to more radical content such as the one found on Iron March. Iron March users claimed that they quit TRS because they were fed up with Peinovich, and other podcasters.“Fash the Nation.”


“I found TRS’s arguments against so called ‘purity spiraling’ to be pathetic,”In an Iron March introductory blog post, dated February 19, 2017, he wrote. In it, he referenced infighting between the two communities, spurred in part by 8chan’s outing of Peinovich as married to a Jewish woman. The term “Term” is used in this context. “Helios” appears to refer to the user’s frustrations with Peinovich’s critiques of Iron March, as well as TRS forum moderators’ efforts to weed out users on their platform who were also associated with “purity spiraling”forum. The user continued, noting that: “Slavros’”One stepping stone from the world of more politically minded white nationalism to Iron March’s hardline fascist ethos, according to Iron March users, was “I had also come to find the IM contributors to TRS to be the most interesting, so when they were banned, I began to drift away from TRS.”

A podcast hosted by the pseudonymous “Mysterium Fasces,”Many users referenced this site throughout 2016 and into 2017. “Florian Geyer.”In their introduction posts, they referred to Iron March as a source for inspiration in their worldview. There was also a crossover with TRS in that many episodes featured TRS affiliates. “Mysterium Fasces”Joseph Jordan, co-host, is listed under the name “Strike and Mike”A few months after the premiere episode, December 2016 was already available. “Eric Striker.”

debuted, Iron March user “Mysterium Fasces”They credited the show for guiding them to the forum.“Eristopolese”Written Dec. 14, 2016.

“I’d like to thank Florian Geyer for his podcast Mysterium Fasces which is the reason why I’m a full-blown fascist,” “Eristopolese”Users described

As “Mysterium Fasces” “eye-opening”Their journey. They claimed that the show showed a different side to the fascist movement, exposing the viewers to religion or more strict fascist beliefs. “instrumental”Submitted on April 4, 2017. Another user, with the same name “I was red-pilled mainly through Twitter and the Alt-Right as a whole, and soon started going deeper, e.g., … listening to the Mysterium Fasces podcast,” “FashySpaniard”This was written May 10, 2017. “John Q. Public,” – which had long used Eastern Christian chanting as its opening theme – had inspired them to attend church.“Mysterium Fasces”Podcasts and on-the ground organizing

Extremists also used this podcast to create in-person communities and to mobilize their base to attend events. Robert Warren Ray, also known as Podcaster

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer editor, was instrumental in the launch of a nationwide network of meetup groups known as Stormer Book Clubs. (At times, Ray has described himself as the Daily Stormer’s “Azzmador,”) The TRS network had its own version of Stormer Book Clubs, known as “man on the ground.”The network provided a way for members to get together offline. These communities and podcast networks played an important role in planning large events.“pool parties,”This is evident more than in the case involving August 2017, the tragic shooting.

Charlottesville, Virginia: Podcasting networks were crucial for promoting organizing efforts, attracting support from around the movement, and attracting attendees. They also provided platforms for organizers who wanted to shape the narrative. “Unite the Right”in a way that was favorable for the movement after the fact. The fact that almost half of the 22 top cast members as identified by SPLC (see Tab 1) were named as defendants in Sines V. Kessler, which was a civil lawsuit against SPLC, is a clear indication. “Unite the Right”This is a testament to the close relationship between podcasting as a medium, and the event itself, which organizers filed in October 2017.“Unite the Right”SPLC’s analysis of podcast metadata shows that

“Rebel Yell,” “The Political Cesspool,” “The Daily Shoah,” “The Third Rail”All promoted “Exodus Americanus”Or provided organizers with opportunities to spin the narrative following the conclusion of the violent incident. “Unite the Right” for instance, hosted seven Charlottesville-themed shows in the months before and after “The Political Cesspool,”Similar coverage was also provided, but Peinovich, one of its hosts has been dropped in a civil lawsuit that was filed in late 2017 against organizers of this event. In an episode of the show – originally aired on Aug. 8, 2017, four days before “Unite the Right.”

“The Daily Shoah” – Peinovich discussed his interactions with law enforcement and encouraged listeners who were attending the rally to appear “Unite the Right” Former Identity Evropa head Elliot Kline – one of the defendants in the ongoing civil suit against “peaceful.” organizers – joined the show as a guest, in order to share his own insights in the run-up to the event.“Unite the Right”In the immediate aftermath

Peinovich and his cohosts spoke to a variety organizers and key attendees. Richard Spencer, another event organizer, and Kline were guest stars. Matthew Q. Gebert, a former State Department official, was well-known in white nationalist circles as his moniker “Unite the Right,”He also joined, where he recalled the experiences of leading Northern Virginia “Coach Finstock,”To “pool party”The episode was largely about shaping the narrative after the event. Peinovich claimed that the episode had changed the way people saw the story. “Unite the Right.”That was it! “shitty set up”Intention was to bring antifascists into contact with attendees. He promoted a conspiracy theory, which quickly became popular among some. “Unite the Right”Supporters also claimed that the police had acted illegally. “Unite the Right”James Fields Jr. was seen marching alongside Vanguard America during the event. “collaboration with counter protesters.”Peinovich said that Heather Heyer was later murdered in a car-ramming incident. “Unite the Right”  “He should get a medal.”Other shows tried to change the narrative around

in a hapless effort to relieve the movement of blame for Heyer’s death. On August 13, “Unite the Right”An episode that promised to reach the heart of the matter was aired. “Fash the Nation”Among the guests were “the real story of what happened in Charlottesville.”Jason Kessler, the organizer, was unrepentant in his role in the fiasco. However, he went on to organize a sparsely-attended event. “Unite the Right”An anniversary event in Washington, D.C., next year.“Unite the Right 2”One episode of September 2017

– airing just one month after “Mysterium Fasces” – featured three prominent propagandists and organizers speaking candidly about their participation at the event. Within the first five minutes of the episode, Traditionalist Worker Party’s Matthew Parrott revealed to co-host Gabriel Sohier Chaput (“Unite the Right”) and TRS’s Joseph Jordan (“Zeiger”) that the narrative put forth by organizers and participants – that the event was about defending the city’s Confederate statues from being taken down – had crumbled long before “Eric Striker”This was the result. Instead, Parrott explained, “Unite the Right”Was a “Unite the Right” Jordan then took Parrott’s point one step further, adding that the purpose of the event was to “street brawl that we ended up winning.” “dominate the public square”In all cases, podcasts served a dual purpose. They provided a platform to share information. “hold territory.”

The organizers were able to directly address members of white power movement. This audio platform was used by organizers to coordinate with supporters both before and after the rally. Second, they used this platform to coordinate with their supporters in the aftermath. “Unite the Right”Guests and hosts used the freedoms granted by these independent platforms to tell their own story about Charlottesville and respond directly to criticisms from politicians, police officers, and the wider public.“Unite the Right,”Podcasts as a method of building international connections

Podcasts offer a low cost, low-risk way to network and exchange information internationally. This report includes podcasts that are mentioned.

is noted for its international guests, including Matthew Heimbach of the now defunct Traditionalist Worker Party and Tony Hovater. Recently, Warren Balogh (formerly Jordan) and Warren Balogh“Nordic Frontier”The show also features appearances by ) from The Right Stuff Network and ) from the National Justice Party“Ahab”Other individuals who have appeared on Nordic Frontier but whose groups or shows were not featured in this data set include Jason Köhne of the YouTube show

Christopher Cantwell “No White Guilt,”Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau; neo-Nazi, former Proud Boy Augustus Sol Invictus.“Radical Agenda,”The hosts of

They have discussed their work on U.S.-based podcasts. For instance, one of the show’s hosts, Andreas Johansson, joined former State Department official Matthew Q. Gebert’s podcast “Nordic Frontier”Talks will be held in June “Full Haus”International podcasts enable propagandists, event planners, and movement leaders to exchange information about strategies. Thomas Ryan Rousseau (Texas-based leader of white nationalist group Patriot Front) appeared on “white pride worldwide.”

in 2019 to discuss his group’s approach to holding real-world events in the wake of “Nordic Frontier”The United States. (Rousseau had attended “Unite the Right”With Vanguard America, where he was a prominent part. Vanguard America was disintegrated after the event, partly due to its association avec Fields. He and the “Unite the Right”Host compared “Nordic Frontier”At a September 2017 Nordic Resistance Movement gathering in Gothenburg (Sweden), they lamented the difficulty of holding demonstrations in light of strong antifascist participation.“Unite the Right”Rousseau then introduced Patriot Front’s strategy for holding

Unplanned surprise demonstrations are better than events with permits. Johanssen “flash” host, complimented Rousseau’s approach: “Nordic Frontier”Johanssen continued his criticism of white supremacist groups based in the U.S. “I think it’s really nice, this international cooperation. Your organization seems very stable, you’ve got good ideas, you’ve got purpose. You’ve got good activism. You’ve got a lot of people that are willing to sacrifice time and energy for the cause.”

Rousseau agreed, stating, “There was some sort of alt-right manifesto, some 25-point program, but I mean, you know, it was just loosely … there was no organization, there was no activism. It was just podcasts. [laughs] That’s what the alt-right was. Just f***ing podcasts and a web site.”The Traditionalist Worker Party, a U.S.-based neoNazi group, was also approved by Nordic Frontier. Matthew Heimbach, cofounder of TWP appeared on “Absolutely.”

Two weeks later, he was still helping to organize the event “Nordic Frontier”He talked about the weaponry and training TWP members used in fighting antifascists and framed the event as a success overall for the movement.“Unite the Right.”Heimbach spoke on the podcast. He added the following:

“We were able to push them back, push them back, push them back up the streets,”Heimbach continued to claim that he was a TWP member. “Whenever they would charge us, we would literally just beat them back.”

Because they “followed the law”He did however note that “know the state is looking for any excuse to come at [them].”The “when you have raving communists coming with baseball bats to try and attack you, we would just defeat them.”The hosts agreed and the group discussed their negative views of law enforcement during the remainder of segment.“Nordic Frontier”It is obvious that audio propaganda appeals to extreme far right. By meticulously cataloging the available data about the audio hate ecosystem, SPLC’s research reveals a network of over 800 hosts and guests who collaborated more than 4000 times to record their hopes and plans for creating a white ethnostate, for promoting racist memes, for harassing racial, ethnic and religious minorities, and so on. These propaganda vehicles’ creators may claim that they are simply reproducing edgy.

-style entertainment, but this research shows that the podcast network is instead crucial to individual extremists’ radicalization narratives, their promotion of violent events and their ability to foster international cooperation between hate groups.“shock jock”Podcasts are constantly evolving with new technology. Many podcasts have added video-based or game-based elements into their programs. The podcast network has been transformed by far-right extremists from a low cost way to produce propaganda to a moneymaking business. SPLC has seen the video streaming landscape quickly become monetized.



A note on the methodology

Gephi Force Atlas layout algorithm visualizes the social network. It pulls highly-connected nodes closer together, and closer towards the center of the diagram.

The Southern Poverty Law Center gathered data for 18 shows to demonstrate diversity in show demographics, thematic focus and platform availability.


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