IN School Bus Driver Gets Unexpected ‘Thank You’

Positively impacting the lives of children is one the most important things you could do. Some people are limited to making a positive impact on their children, but others can make a difference for their neighbors and family members. Some people make a lasting impact on hundreds of children. Jonita Greene is a North Gibson School Corporation bus driver.

Surprise thank you for your kindness

Jonita was approached recently from a young man to thank her for her kindness to him and his girlfriend. Her kindness is something the man will never forget.

Jonita posted the story on her Facebook Page.

Yesterday I was getting mail into Central Office. A car pulls up beside me and the driver tells me “hey I’ve got something for you!!”I was like “ok”. I stepped around my bus’s front…the driver said “I just want to give you this (arms extended…a hug) and tell you, thank you!!”I didn’t know what it was. They then explained to me what it was for. They were 14…15 years old when they rode my bus. They were expecting a child. I’m sure that students and others were saying these things about the situation they were in. I would talk with them and tell them that everything was going to be fine. I told them all about my high school years when I had my boy. We grew up together. Together we learned and lived. They expressed their appreciation for me speaking to them..that the thought of our conversations was something they had been thinking about. We both cried as we hugged so tightly. I’m happy to know they are close and that things are going well. It’s amazing how words can help someone. Thank you for finding me!!

Jonita goes above-and-beyond every day to make people feel good.

People like Jonita shine a light into the world, and it continues to resonate for all who are touched by it every day. The world would be better if there were more people such as Jonita. It would be filled with compassion, empathy and love.

Jonita M. Greene

Jonita M. Greene

Check out one of her inspirational morning Facebook posts.

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddd Mornin! It is almost time to roll out to collect my precious cargo! I believe we are down to about 18 days! I will see some of my fellow drivers at Precious Cargo as I will be helping out with the Grab N Sit Meals. All, have a blessed day and stay dry from the on-and-off raindrops that are forecast today!!

She is my hero! She is my hero!

I’m going try to be more Jonita-like, and you should too.

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