I’m seeing litter everywhere in Ocean County, New Jersey

Although I don’t get irritated often, it makes my blood boil.

How is it possible that there is so much trash all around?

Litter, this photo is near my house and it looks terrible, it ruins every neighborhood. I don’t know why so much trash is always along the side of the road.

Is it possible that there is so much trash surrounding the fence? Is it littering? Are people actually throwing trash out of their windows? Please, tell me that it isn’t true. But why would trash be all over the place? It will be cleaned up by the town, but it will take a few weeks before it is filled with paper, bags and cans again.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

This is the side of Rt. 9, also. All over the place. I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, trash is blowing from someone’s trash can.

That’s understandable to me. All this trash doesn’t come from a garbage can. Why would anyone throw trash out of their windows? You shouldn’t wait to get home before you throw it away. I have never thrown any trash in my car.

Recent polls from Google75% of those polluting have admitted to littering in the past 5 years. Did you know US taxpayers, me and you, spent nearly 11 billion dollars on cleaning up litter, according to google.com. From google.com the majority of litter is cigarettes discarded and aluminum beer and soda cans. Beer cans? What? This is unacceptable. While there are some litters left by bicyclists and walkers, the majority of litter is caused by cars.

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