Idaho Moms Get Snow Shovels for Mother’s Day

At this pace, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  A new snow shovel.  I wasn’t really expecting snow on Mother’s Day.  In the 1990s, my job was at a television station based in Syracuse, New York.  It snowed on Mother’s Day in 1996 and I’ve heard on one other occasion long after I left the area.  I’ve always used it as a running joke about what a dreadful place it was to call home.  You see, what comes around comes around!

Mom is not very happy

Yes, we need moisture.  But I’ll take rain any day in May over snow.  The thing is, our wet and chilly spring hasn’t done much to break the drought.  Though I’ve seen some data about the snowpack in the mountains and it’s very healthy.  Some ranges have 145% more snowpack than the average.  The need for pivots is less when there is more rain in the valley. With water restrictions in place, we can accept the delay in pivots.

Mothers who had hoped for a sunny day with their children and a family lunch will be disappointed. Maybe next year.  The kid’s feelings about you won’t change over the next 52 weeks.  Unless you tell them they’re being cut out of your will.

Keep it up mom, things will get better

The weather forecast is showing signs of serious change.  It looks like we’ll have one more week trading warm days and cold days, and then some steady warm weather arrives.

I would never have told mom to shovel snow.  She believed in tough love and probably would’ve embedded the business end in my head.

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