‘I think I’ll just go mental’: Jason Cummings answers your questions on Socceroos Insider live Q&A

Socceroos striker Jason Cummings answers all your questions in the latest Socceroos Insider live Q&A.

On the latest edition of Socceroos Inside live Q&A, Cumming sat down from the Socceroos’ World Cup camp in Qatar to answer all of your questions.

ICYMI, catch up here. 

Cummings has taken the A-League Men by storm over the past 12 months since his move from Dundee in the Scotish Premiership. 

The 27-year-old has now scored 12 goals in 26 matches for the Central Coast Mariners and he found the back of the net on his international debut in September against New Zealand. 

Cummings is a vibrant character on and off pitch. Now he wants to turn heads in Qatar by his performances at the FIFA World Cup. 

How did Cummings feel about making his Socceroos debut, and playing at a World Cup.

“It was just a dream come true,” Cummings told Socceroos Inside live Q&A.

“Especially at the World Cup. Looking around and seeing all these top players like Mbappe and Griezmann was just amazing. My family were there as well so it makes it so special.”

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Cummings was raised in Scotland, and made his international debut for Scotland in 2017 against the Netherlands. 

However, he fell out of favour and was eligible to play for Australia through his mother who was born in Perth and is a dual citizen. 

 Whose shirt did Cummings get after the France game?

“After the game obviously it was a disappointing result so I kind of missed my boat a wee bit,”He said.

“But I asked the main man Mbappe and he said I’ll see you in the change room so I was buzzing. I was with Cammy, we went to the changing room and their kitman came out to collect our shirts and swap them with Mbappes.

“I was standing there, my top off, and ten minute later he came back to me and said that it was not his intention to swap. He just gave me my tops back so he’s probably taken a look at mine and thought nah, just leave it.

“But on my way back, I was walking back to the change room and I walked past Jules Koundé so I got his for a little memory.”

Cummings came off the bench for Mitch Duke in the 56th minute of the Socceroos’ 4-1 loss at Al-Janoub Stadium in Qatar.

Was the French national team Cummings hardest opponent?

“France’s full 11 was tough as a team but before that, I would say as a striker that it was Virgil van Dijk,”He explained.

“Back when he was at Celtic and actually with the Netherlands. He was the ultimate professional. Just unbelievable. He’s got everything. I megged him. Nah I’m only joking, I keep saying it so I believe that I did but I’ve never megged van Dijk.”

Cummings was an 18-year old who made his senior debut in Hibernian’s senior team in 2013. He had previously worked with Rangers, Nottingham Forest, Peterborough, Luton Town and Shrewsbury Town before joining Hibernian. 

He made his international debut for Scotland in 2017 against the Netherlands. He would then make his international debut against Hungary for Scotland before switching to Australia. 

Will we be able to see the Triple H celebration at this year’s World Cup?

“I need to score first,”He said. 

“If I score, I don’t know what I will do. I don’t have a celebration planned, it’s just whatever comes over me. I’ve got the main joker celebration but I think I’ll just go mental. We will definitely see it in the A-League though.”

What was the purpose of the head massage when he was getting his haircut?

“I don’t know what that was about but fair play to the guy, he gave me the extra treatment,” Cummings explained.

“I thought one of the boys had stitched me up so I thought it was a wind-up. I was looking around and everyone was laughing so I thought someone stitched me up but he got my hair looking perfect. He brushed it and then he just went ham on my head but to be fair, it felt unbelievable.”

Why did Cummings decide to join the Mariners

“Mariners was simple if I’m honest,”He explained.

“They were my only choice. I didn’t know much about the A-League if I’m honest but when I found out the Mariners were interested, I did my research. The club was my first love from the moment I arrived.

“Everything happens for reasons I reckon, and that was just what it was meant to be. It was fate. Best decision I’ve ever made.

“Gosford is the best stadium in the world. Looks wise, it’s beautiful. It’s got sauce bottles, it’s got palm trees and the weather is beautiful. I think it’s easily one of the best-looking stadiums in the world.”

Cummings made headlines in Australia when he scored twice for Shrewsbury Town during a 2-2 draw against Liverpool in the FA Cup 2020.

The following season, Cummings returned to Scotland with Dundee before deciding to move to Australia to join the Central Coast Mariners in early 2022. The rest is history. 

Was he shocked by the A-League’s quality?

“100%. I thought it would be a wee bit slower with the weather and stuff but I think it doesn’t get enough credit,” Cummings explained.

“People said to my that I would be forgotten and no-one would hear about it, but the exposure I have received has been extraordinary. The quality is a different class.

“Some of the players are top players that could play at the next level. Some of the goals you see are absolute bangers.”

Can he surpass Jamie Maclaren to become the A-League’s top goalscorer for this season?

“I’ve got a long way to go,”Cumming said. 

“He’s started like an absolute fire. What is it eight goals and eight penalties? But no, he’s started off incredibly and I have a lot to do when I get back. “

Maclaren has scored eight goals in six matches so far in the A-League 2022/2023 season. Four of the eight goals were scored at home while he scored four goals at away games. Overall,  Maclaren’s goals scored per 90 minutes is 1.33.

Maclaren is second on the all-time A-League top scorers list with 128 goals, just behind Besart Berisha’s 142.

Is there a pre-match routine for Cummings?

“Nothing really. I’m just normal,”He said.

“I get up, get my brekkie and then just kind of relax. I put the tunes on. The old school Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash. I keep it old school.”

Does Cummings like pineapple on pizza?

“Nah, never. That is an absolute shambles,”He said.

“Pineapple is the worst thing that could be on a pizza because it is a fruit. You’re not going to chuck a banana and a strawberry on a pizza. I just get the classic pepperoni because sometimes you can overdo a pizza. Sometimes even the plain cheese is the best. A margarita is the best.”

Cummings was raised idolizing what footballers? 

“Obviously, Ronaldo. For me, he is the best player in the world but I would say, Wayne Rooney,” Cummings explained.

“It’s hard for me to relate and compare myself to Ronaldo. He’s tall, he’s strong and he has a six-pack so I went for Wayne Rooney. I feel like I’m going to Rooney route.”

Are there any other players Cummings would like to play against in the next few matches?

“Obviously, both the games are massive,”He said.

“The next one is massive and we need to get in there to win this game. Because it’s the World Cup, every payer is important. They are all world-class athletes.

“Denmark and Eriksen is probably the standout. He is absolutely incredible. Schmeichel in goals as well. Imagine slotting one past him.”


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