I Met My Girlfriend at a Party, First Time Same-Sex Bathroom Hook-up

  • Kim Borrero and Kris Crawford met at a brunch in New York City. Both originally planned to skip the party but ended up closing it down.
  • Borrero, who had never had sex before with another woman, ended up meeting Crawford in the venue’s toilet.
  • They have been together for two years and say that curiosity and communication have kept them strong.
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    Kim Borrero didn’t plan to attend the New York City all girl’s brunch party, where she met Kris Crawford. Crawford didn’t either.

    Borrero, a Bronx brunch restaurant worker, took the day off work. Insider was told by the 28-year old that she had planned to model (one her other jobs) for photos on that day, but she couldn’t make it happen because she wasn’t in the right mindset. Instead, she went to a friend’s party.

    Crawford, 32 years old, was going through a difficult time and decided to attend Sunday mass. This was something Crawford had not done in many years. She decided to leave church feeling spontaneous and head to her friend’s gathering, RSVPing along the way.

    They both arrived together and quickly became friends. Borrero said that they instantly bonded.

    “I just gravitated towards her like, ‘This girl is really pretty and I like the way she dresses. I wanna to be close to her. I wanna be her friend. I wanna know who she is,'” Borrero told Insider.

    This was three years after their chance encounter. Borrero said that Crawford and Crawford are now best friends.

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    “Liquid courage” and unanticipated chemistry led to a hot bathroom hookup

    Both Crawford and Borrero arrived alone and their friends were quick to introduce them. Crawford stated that she saw Borrero’s piercing eyes straight away.

    After a brief conversation they parted ways and chatted to others until Borrero spotted Crawford alone on a sofa. Crawford, though she didn’t realize it, was waiting for her high school ex-girlfriend, another party goer, to sit down with her and maybe rekindle their romance. Borrero occupied her spot.

    “I don’t know if that was a sign. Actually, I know it was a sign. And then we were inseparable after that, and my ex never tried to come and talk to me,”Crawford spoke with Insider

    They spent the next few minutes talking, dancing, taking pictures, and taking shots at the bar. Borrero explained that their connection was not only new but also felt familiar and natural.

    Crawford asked Borrero’s friend if she would accompany her to the toilet. She said she wanted to be around Borrero’s playful and warm energy. While Crawford was using the bathroom, Borrero inspected Crawford and exchanged a quick, but sweet, kiss. They returned to dancing after everyone else had left.

    They had more tequila shots and then went to the toilet again. They ran into a stall together and Borrero had her first experience with a woman. She performed oral sex on Crawford. Although she had once tried out oral sex with a friend as a teenager, she never repeated the experiment again and always identified herself as straight.

    “I think it was all liquid courage. I just wanna thank Don Julio,” Borrero said.

    Crawford told her the next day that this was her first experience with a woman. Crawford wanted to ask her if she regretted it but she didn’t. They continued talking for hours.

    Their strong relationship was maintained by being curious about their differences.

    Crawford, who claims to be a lesbian since she was 16, admitted that she has dated straight women in the past but had reservations when she heard about Borrero. She couldn’t deny their connection so she decided to be curious, rather than writing her off.

    Over the next year, they continued to meet and Crawford asked Borrero questions about her fears and future plans.

    “I just wanted to make sure she was as invested as I was trying to be. I did have worries about it maybe being a phase,”Crawford stated.

    Since then, they’ve maintained an open dialogue on everything from sexual fluidity and blending friend groups to having kids. Although they don’t always agree on every topic they discussed, they agreed that it was a learning experience and not an argument to win.

    “The end goal is for us to understand each other’s perspectives and where these ideologies or thoughts come from. And remembering we’re a team,”Crawford stated.

    “It’s not us against each other. It’s us against the world.”

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