How to get your skin ready for summer

By Thobile Mazibuko 19m ago

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Many people are ready to wear their pretty spring clothes. And if you’ll be showing more skin this season, you have to make sure that your skin is glowing and stays protected from the harmful sun rays.

Get your tan

It is not possible to tan by basking in the sun until your skin turns a different color. A moisturiser is necessary if you want your skin tanned. St Moriz Golden Glow Moisturiser can give your skin a soft, natural glow.

Apply SPF

You should know by now that your skin needs a good SPF to protect it from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, and the only way to avoid sunburn and premature skin ageing is to apply a broad-spectrum SPF every day. Use the Piz Buin Tan & Protection SPF15 Lotion.

Makeup can be changed

You can wear makeup all year. However, this summer, we’re expecting to see trends of dewy skin, soft eyes, bright lips and pastel nails. We recommend the wet n Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation for your skin, and the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails for your nails. These nails are ready to be worn and can be applied by you at home without the need to visit a salon.

It’s best to shave it off

Your face can become sweaty if your beard is too long in summer. You have two options. You can either trim your beard or shave it clean. To unclog pores and ease discomfort, try the Clubman Shave Butter. razor burn.

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