High School newspaper starts year with fashion show | Pony Express

The Pony Express newspaper staff kicked off the year with some team-building and collaboration activities. Each group was given one vintage issue (circa 2002) and was asked to make one article of clothing. Students created everything from crowns to shoes and belts to skirts and flower bouquets to hats. The students’ enthusiasm and excitement was amazing.

This year the Gazette is continuing a partnership with Stillwater Area High School’s newspaper: The Pony Express for the section Hoof Prints

Starting in October, each month The Gazette will feature one or two works from SAHS students writing for the school’s newspaper.

Rachel Steil is the Pony Express newspaper editor. The students and Rachel go through a rigorous editing process to edit the articles.

The Gazette will run the articles as similar as possible to the Pony Express because of the editing process.

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