Heartstopper Stars Recreate Adorable Netflix Show Moment on Social Media

Heartstopper’s Joe Locke and Kit Connor imitate their characters Charlie Spring or Nick Nelson in a moment that is iconic from the show.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Heartstopper season 1, episode 4.

Joe Locke & Kit Connor Heartstopper They recreated one of the show’s most charming moments on social media. The British LGBTQ+ teen romance series, which was created by Alice Oseman and based on her graphic novel of the same name, premiered on Netflix on April 22, 2022. The series centers on the burgeoning romance between Charlie Spring (a bullied gay teen) and Nick Nelson (a rugby lad). Charlie assumes Nick is straight at first, but he soon discovers that Nick may not be as straight as he thought. The show proved to be somewhat of an overnight success, to the point that Netflix made the decision to renew Heartstopper for seasons 2 and 3 at the same time, in an extremely rare move for the streaming platform.


One of the most iconic scenes in Heartstopper involves Nick showing up at Charlie’s doorstep, soaked in the pouring rain, to apologize to him for how he treated Charlie after their first kiss. Charlie asks Nick if he forgot to wear a coat and Nick, still dripping, admits that he hadn’t checked the weather before running. Charlie calls him an idiot and they exchange a loving kiss. Charlie runs out into rain to give Nick an umbrella.

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Hilariously, that classic Nick and Charlie Heartstopper moment has just played out in real life over social media. Kit Connor was asked by a fan why his photos from a recent trip in Los Angeles showed his arms covered with Band-Aids. Connor replied via Twitter. “there was a swan…”Locke responded to his tweet with the following: “Idiot <3"His character would have responded in exactly the same way as he would to Nick being in a similar situation. It is entirely possible. Below are their tweets.

Click here to see the original tweet.

The onscreen chemistry that Locke and Connor shared was a key reason for the show’s success. Their chemistry created an irresistible pull, which allowed the show to spend time with them alone, letting the viewers in on their connection. Their casting is integral to the series. This is evident by the fact that their personalities shine through in their offscreen interactions.

They can hopefully continue this dynamic with the two seasons that are already ordered. The future of Heartstopper It is certainly looking bright. Should the show continue on, and perhaps even overtake the timeline of the graphic novels, fans should rest easy that Locke and Connor seem to be keeping the chemistry going.

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Source: Joe Locke and Kit Connor/Twitter

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