Hasan Piker Bought A House, And People Are Mad

Twitter trending yesterday was Hasan Piker’s drama in the house. Fox News even covered the story for some reason.


Hasanabi, real name Hasan Piker on Twitch, is at the centre of intense political debates this week. On Twitter, thousands join the discussion to answer one simple question: Was it okay for him buy a nice house.

The whole thing began just a few days back, when a report said that Piker had bought a $2.74million California home. Twitter went wild after the report that Piker had purchased a $2.74 million home in California was published. Many claimed that Piker had abandoned socialist principles which he supports on his streams. While political opponents took advantage of the opportunity to call him a hypocrite.

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“It is morally wrong to buy a three million dollar house when that is more than the average human makes in a hundred lifetimes. It doesn’t matter how you made it, it’s about basic human decency.”, argues @DSA_Maoist. Meanwhile, @mirandajmarks says, “Do you not see the issue with getting rich complaining about capitalism and then buying a three million-dollar house in gentrified LA while homelessness is skyrocketing there?”

Others have rallied behind Piker. Fellow content creator Anthony Fantano tweeted: “Is bitching about Bernie Sanders selling books and having a second house on the agenda next? Do we have time for AOC wearing an expensive dress on a magazine cover too? Get your fuckin priorities straight.”

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However, for the most parts, it’s been a lot confusing. The consensus seems to be that nobody understands what all the fuss is about and others are just speculating.

This drama is not something you can escape from yesterday. Ed Markey, the US Senator for Massachusetts, tweeted about it.

This Twitch drama attracted the attention of Fox News, The Sun and Fox News for some reason. It is not likely to disappear anytime soon.

Piker seems to be overlooking the critics. In a tweet, he defends himself and says: “I live in LA. The housing market here is fucked. Why is the argument that I should keep renting or that I should go gentrify somewhere else? Will this solve the problems? No. [People] are mad cus lefty with [a] house. That’s it.”He has also shared a lot of memes about the whole situation, so it seems like he’s enjoying it.

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